Mr & Mrs Murder unlikely to be renewed

2013-02-26_1332It looks like Mr and Mrs Murder has no chance of being renewed.

TV Tonight understands Shaun Micallef found that the shooting schedule was so taxing that by the end he struggled to enjoy the experience.

No doubt being in just about every scene was a very big ask for the comedian and sometime actor.

Ratings also didn’t hit the heights. While it was a whimsical idea, personally I found the execution needed either a little more comedy, a little more jeopardy or a little more offbeat flavour. But what a bloody hard genre to get right. Good on them for trying something a bit different to what we’re usually served up.

The good news, as previously reported, is that there will be more Mad as Hell on ABC1 in 2014.


  1. I very rarely make comments but this show deserves recognition. I have only just discovered Mr and Mrs Murder as I live in the UK.. The comedy ranges from slapstick to running gags to passive off camera humour, the setting is unique, the dynamics between the cast superb, acting beautifully underplayed. A very belated but warm congratulations to everyone involved with this production.
    Shame on those in power, you have buried a real gem.

  2. Every show followed the same format. Which, if you get right, makes for a really great show.

    However, in the case of Mr & Mrs Murder, it became forgettable after a few episodes. What I did watch was very enjoyable with two of my favourite Australian personalities at the lead.

  3. A great shame. I genuinely believed in the chemistry between Kat and Shaun, and thought they did a fine job, all things considered. I agree 100% on your assessment, though, David, it was tonally mismatched, and very few of the guest stars played it at the same level as the main cast.

  4. the episodes i saw, made me think the cast never really felt comfortable on screen… i think another season would have been a massive improvement

  5. daveinprogress

    Spot on, David. It was great to see something a little different coming from narrative telly. Not entirely successful, but watchable and enjoyable. It further proved what a star that Kat Stewart is too.

  6. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here DK – while it was enjoyable popcorn fodder, it was lacking something.

    Still, always great to see Shaun and Kat together on screen again.

    There’s a wonderful chemistry between those two that kept this household watching.

  7. This is a shame. I always found this show to be good solid entertainment. Well written, high production values, not taking itself too seriously, extremely well acted… Compared to the other dross we’re subjected to, it was a breath of fresh air.

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