Nancy wins The Great Australian Bakeoff

Queensland architecture graduate Nancy Ho has been declared winner of The Great Australian Bakeoff.

bkoffQueensland architecture graduate Nancy Ho has been declared winner of The Great Australian Bakeoff.

She defeated Jonathan and Maria for the inaugural title of the Nine reality series (and possibly TV’s ugliest trophy).

The 22 year old served up and Earl Grey and Lavender Opera Cake, Lychee Rose Mini Choux Nuns and Lemon Tart with Candied Cumquat Tuile.

Judge Dan Lepard commended on her presentation while Kerry Vincent described her dishes as “light, flavoursome, airy and delicate.”

“I have to say thanks to my sis and dad,” Nancy said.

“My sister has been with me every step through this….if it wasn’t for her I would not be here.”

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  1. @DIESEL21, I’m not sure as to why the Australian version (like almost every other international version) has copied the tent set from the British one, maybe part of the rights deal? I know in the UK the set design with it’s tent, bunting etc is to showcase a heightened version of “quintessential Englishness” and borrows from the idea of fair, school bakeoff’s etc.

  2. I only began to watch this show two weeks ago thanks to being stuck in hospital and repeats being shown on GO! in the afternoon. Its a lot better than I thought it would be with no sob story backgrounds, very tight editing, no excessive recaps and up nexts.
    Watched the finale this morning, and although I expected Maria to win, I was happy for Nancy.
    Bloody Channel 9 had Big Bro run so late last night, even with the 15 mins padding on the end of the record, I only just managed to find out the winner with a few seconds before it cut out.

  3. I hope this show returns next year. I think the original promos didn’t do Kerry Vincent justice. I remember saying that she would be the worst part of the show but I will say now that I was wrong.
    Great show with no bitchy contestant & a nice feel that should be on at 7 not 8.30. Next year maybe you can put it on at 7 on Thursday night while The Block is on Sun – Wed.
    I really hope it returns.

  4. Great show, best cooking show on TV, but thought Maria should have won, especially when you consider her baking efforts over the whole series. Hope The Great Australian Bakeoff returns next year but at the 7.30 time slot.

  5. I watched the first episode thinking I probably wouldn’t stick with it. Well I did and thoroughly enjoyed every episode! Fantastic format, bake and boot someone off every episode (The Mole could employ this format) Shane Jacobson made me laugh, and the contestants. I’m not sure why it was filmed in a tent at Werribee Park but as a local, it was kinda cool to see it.

  6. (cont’) … They would have known perfectly well at this point that it wouldn’t be starting until at least 10pm. So continually advertising live throughout “Bake Off” and blatantly lying like that is horrible behaviour imo.

  7. I thought this was going to be dismal, but when nothing else was on one night i stumbled across the first episode. And although it was never brilliant, it was a nice little show and rather watchable. Found that i always had to have a treat handy when i watched it though, cause the cravings would be going berserk!
    I was going for Maria, but disliked Jonathan, so i’m glad Nancy won at least.

    I have to say though, very poor form last night from Channel 9.
    Even if “Bake Off” had started at the right time, it was scheduled to finish at 9:45. But with “Big Brother” running over and the whole Essendon Football news break interruption, the whole schedule was running over 15mins behind. Yet they had ads during i think just about every commercial break of the “Bake Off” live-advertising their “Footy Classified” Essendon special for 9:30.
    They would have known perfectly well at…

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