New Home and Away boys in webisode debut

2013-08-06_0107In a first for Home and Away the Seven soap is introducing new characters’ The Barrett brothers’ in online webisodes before they appear on-air.

The brothers, Andy (Tai Hara) and Josh (Jackson Gallagher), hail from ‘Mangrove River’ with the webisodes revealing a “shared history, explosive secrets and bad blood with The River Boys.”

Lucy Addario, Series Producer, said, “We wanted to provide fans with new ways to engage with one of Australia’s longest running and most loved television brands. We’re going to reveal dramatic details of the characters’ back-stories before they are introduced as a major storyline.”

The webisodes will include cast interviews and social media teasers ahead of the on-air appearance on Tuesday, August 27.

They have been written by Supervising Script Producer, Louise Bowes, directed by Danny Raco ex-cast member and current Home and Away Director as well as shot by D.O.P Tony Gardiner.

The first webisode will premiere online on Wednesday, August 7, directly following the 7:00pm (AEST) episode of Home and Away and will continue every week for four weeks.


  1. @nevothirty, I don’t watch H&A either, but you have to take your hat off to a program that has been around for 25 years & is still rating at about 1 million in primetime. Neighbours petered out years ago & would probably be long gone if it wasn’t so successful in the UK.

  2. Interesting that Neighbours earlier this year and now Home and Away are both doing webisodes. It’s good for the fans but I wonder how they make revenue?

  3. I haven’t watched home and away in years, occasionally seeing snippets here and there.

    they repeat story lines way to often.

    remember when we found out Bobby was Donald and Morags kid?
    then there was Donald’s grandson he didn’t know about Seb,

    Then Ailsa had a long lost daughter.

    Alf had a long lost son and grandson, then there was his other grandson…
    then there was Colleen’s long lost daughter….

    oh and then there was the time we found out Colleen and Alf are brother and sister…

    Basically if you grew up in Summer Bay you were banging everyone and anything that moved…

    Like seriously? and how many freaking times has the dinner burnt down causing them to renovate or relocate?? you would think their insurance company would be a little suspicious.

    as for these new bad boy brothers, another recycled story line, expect this time the other bad boys are…

  4. Just what this show needs, more stories for the River Boys. More fights, more revenge, more rubbish. Soon the town will be so dangerous, all the residents will pack up and leave and it will just be this gang town with the River Boys at the centre of it.

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