Oprah in talks to return to Australia

2013-08-18_0102Oprah Winfrey may be headed back to Australia.

The US talk show queen is reportedly in talks with QANTAS to return to Australia for a series of shows in its hangars, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Her 2012 visit attracted huge publicity.

Despite some initial doubts as to the impact of her visit, numbers rose in 2012, with the growth in American tourists at its highest level since the Sydney Olympics.

A survey of 500 US travellers last October found 73 per cent who had visited or booked a trip for 2013 had been influenced by Oprah.

A tourism source tells the newspaper, “We’re still getting the benefits from US traffic to Australia.

“Having Oprah film here and the broadcast to millions and millions of Americans was a huge deal.”

Hamilton Island spokeswoman Sophie Baker has previously said, “When you’re chatting to American guests they ask about where Oprah visited and try to recreate what she did.

“They will go to the Wildlife Park and want to hold the koala that Oprah held.”


  1. jezza the first original one

    ‘ a tourism source’ yeah right, vague anecdotal evidence….Incomin tourism to Aus has declined over the past few years due to the high dollar making us an expensive place to visit. Oprah’s US viewers are daytime with a similar profile to ours. I don’t doubt her show, but do question its so called positive economic impact…

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