PLUS7 catch-up now on i0S

From today Seven / Yahoo!7 catch-up service PLUS7 is now available on Apple iOS devices.

2013-08-19_1606From today Seven / Yahoo!7 catch-up service PLUS7 is now available on Apple iOS devices.

PLUS7 features Seven programs such as My Kitchen Rules, Home and Away, The X Factor, and over 100 hours of 3rd party content such as Dawson’s Creek and An Idiot Abroad.

Damon Scarr, Commercial Director, Yahoo!7 said “Our users have told us that they want the ability to catch-up on their favourite shows whenever and wherever they choose. Today’s announcement means more Australians will now be able to download the PLUS7 app and access Australia’s favourite TV shows.”

PLUS7 availability on iOS follows the recent launch of the Yahoo!7 online video player in July.

“For advertisers this means even more premium video inventory with our growing and engaged PLUS7 audience of 1.2 million people watching more content across devices,” Scarr said.

A recent study of PLUS7 users* found that PLUS7 drives incremental reach to the broadcast television audience for a television show.

• 60% of people watching on PLUS7 had not seen the episode before
• Nearly half (48%) were watching on PLUS7 as they had missed the chance to see the episode on broadcast.
• 70% of people said they were ‘definitely’ or ‘very likely’ to watch future episodes on broadcast television
* Source: Video on demand / Plus7 Survey May 2013, Audience: All Respondents, n = 1609

To download the new PLUS7 app go to: http://au.tv.yahoo.com/plus7/mobile/get-the-app/

You can rate the best network catch-up services at TV Tonight’s Audience Inventory survey, which closes later this week.

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  1. Thanks Mac, I really don’t understand why you are able to put these type of Apps on Iphone/Ipad but not Apple TV why do they lock the ATV down so hard? especially since mirroring/airplay is so easy

  2. iview and Foxtel Go leave this for dead – it’s not really a good user experience, where’s all the good shows?? Dawson’s Creek.. seriously.. even when it was on in 1999 I didn’t watch it..

  3. Seven catch up is a complete waste of time. Theres been the same content on for months, like grimm, house guest, dating the enemy, etc. ABC iview has far superior catch up than all the commercial channels put together. Whats the point in having a smart TV if theres no online catch up services.. A bit like buying a HD tv and having no HD channels like we did a few years ago. No wonder Aussies are subscribing to netflix.

  4. Why are we only getting this now? This should have been done last year. Why haven’t any other FTA channels introduced catch up apps? Yet again, our networks demonstrate their inadequacies and a lack of understanding of future technologies.
    This app seems rather limited, especially in comparison to the fantastic ABC app

  5. It would be great if plus 7 app was available on windows phone. Windows Phone only has SBS on demand. The plus 7 service is good on pc accept when you pause you generally have to restart an episode. I wish that episodes were sometimes available longer then 28 days especially for important episodes like the packed to the rafters final.

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