Report: Nine signs new Ashes deal

2013-08-26_1131Nine has reportedly secured the next two Ashes series to be played in England in 2015 and 2019.

The Australian Financial Review reports Nine has paid ­$20 – $25 million to the ­England and Wales Cricket Board for two five-Test series each year as well as 15 one-day and Twenty20 games.

The deal struck late last week, includes free-to-air, digital and pay television broadcast rights, but Nine may yet on-sell the rights to the two English Ashes series to Foxtel.

In recent weeks Nine’s coverage of the Ashes has delivered it bumper ratings and broken multichannel records.

In June Nine paid $80 million a year for a new broadcast deal with Cricket Australia.


  1. The Ashes will always be on a secondary channel, be that SD or HD. In the past Nine has not shown the first session live, or on sold it to SBS when they couldn’t show the Ashes on a secondary channel.

    Nine’s main channel rates more than twice what the Ashes averaged, and with a younger audience. The cricket would destroy scheduling on the main channel for a couple of months and rain breaks would be a total disaster.

  2. @Stilesy who really cares what the English people are hearing? Obviously they think our commentators aren’t up to scratch. Must say I agree with them!

  3. @Stilesy
    Are you kidding?!
    The best part of the whole Test series (considering the mostly pathetic performance of the Australian team) were the commentators. They were always entertaining, especially ‘Bumble’. I’ll never forget how he droned on and on about a letter he received from the English Tripe board. It was hilarious. 🙂

  4. @glennc – well for the home ashes series this summer, Sky Sports is sending it’s own Commentary team to Australia, so the English viewers won’t be getting Nine’s Commentary, only Australian viewers are.

  5. $20 million seems a lot to pay for 65 days of cricket (ten 5-day tests and 15 other games, and that assumes no rain) that only gets roughly 8% of the ratings.

    Is Nine able to make money on those figures?

  6. No doubt it will be shown in HD on Nine/WIN, rather than GEM in 2015 & 2019 & what about Nine sending it own commentary team to the UK, rather than than having to put up with the English biased Sky Sports team.

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