Returning: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Essie Davis returns as the darling detective in ABC1's hit period drama next month.

4fishrAs tipped Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries will begin its second season on Friday September 6th.

The ABC1 series, based on the books of Kerrie Greenwood, were a big success last year and Essie Davis and all the cast return once more. Joining them are guests Anna Bamford, Jan Friedl, Jon Bryden, Lyall Brooks, Fabio Robles, Biliana Vukovic and Shareena Clanton.

The second series of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries builds on the meticulously constructed world of series one as it follows the independent, glamorous and unflappable leading lady detective Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis).

This lush take on the traditional crime drama explores the fascinating and varied sub cultures of 1920s ‘between-the-wars’ Melbourne.

From the shadowy lanes of the city to the halls of academia, from high-class brothels to haute couture, Phryne defends the innocent and juggles admirers with her usual panache, all the while keeping up her delicious dance around Detective Inspector Jack Robinson (Nathan Page).

Episode one, Murder Most Scandalous, is set in sumptuous brothels and respectable mansions. When Jack’s ex-father-in-law, Deputy Commissioner George Sanders (Neil Melville), is implicated in the brutal murder of a prostitute, Jack is determined to clear his name. Despite strict instructions from Jack not to meddle in his case – which also reintroduces Jack’s ex-wife Rosie (Dee Smart) – Phryne decides to perfect her ‘fan dance’ in order to go undercover at the gentleman’s club of the notorious Madam Lyon (Belinda McClory).

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries also stars Ashleigh Cummings, Miriam Margolyes, Tammy MacIntosh, Travis McMahon, Anthony Sharpe, Richard Bligh and guest stars include Anna Bamford, Jan Friedl, Jon Bryden, Lyall Brooks, Fabio Robles, Biliana Vukovic and Shareena Clanton.

8:30pm Friday, 6 September ABC1.

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  1. l’m glad it is back at a sensible time and day. I really want to thank the people that decided to commission this and made it. Although due to the crazy crap at the end of the programming these days I think I might wait for the DVDs. I just can’t take very much of that anymore especially because of Sunday nights. Sorry I tried to adapt. But it was a bad idea in the first place.

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