Returning: Talking Footy

tfootySeven today announced AFL football chat show, Talking Footy, is returning to Monday nights for the 2013 finals series.

The show first aired back in 1994.

Starting next Monday night, original host Bruce McAvaney returns with Wayne Carey, Luke Darcy and in something of a coup, AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou in a regular TV role.

Seven Melbourne Managing Director Lewis Martin said: “Seven pioneered this original fan favourite and with the finals looming we know there’s a hunger for high quality and insightful news, views and analysis from the biggest names in the game, including the AFL CEO at a time when the game faces the most challenging issues in its history.”

Andrew Demetriou commented: “Channel 7, as our free to air broadcaster, serves our game with wonderful broadcasts and commentary for four games per weekend and we are extremely pleased they have expanded their off-field commitment to the promotion and discussion around our game with the return of Talking Footy for the 2013 Toyota AFL Finals Series.”

Monday August 26: (all local times)
Melbourne Monday 9.40pm on Channel 7
Adelaide Monday 9.40pm on Channel 7
Perth Monday 9.40pm on Channel 7
Sydney Monday 11.30pm on 7mate
Brisbane Monday 11.30pm on 7mate

Bruce McAvaney – widely renowned as Australia’s pre-eminent sports broadcaster and the original host of Talking Footy, with an infectious passion and energy for AFL.

Wayne Carey – ‘The King’ is widely considered to be one of the greatest players to pull on the boots, a dual premiership captain, AFL Hall of Fame member, seven-time All- Australian and a big-game finals performer.

Luke Darcy – co-host of Seven’s Saturday Night Footy, respected former Western Bulldogs star and one of the most successful ruck-forwards of the modern era who won the coveted Leigh Matthews Trophy for the AFLPA MVP in 2002.

Andrew Demetriou – as CEO of the AFL since 2003 he has guided the game through two record-breaking TV rights deal, expanded the competition to 18 teams and overseen AFLPA collective bargaining agreements.


  1. In the beginning I enjoyed listening to three well-informed legends of the Game; well two legends at least.

    However, that ‘Say Again’ segment is downright embarrassing to witness; not least of all three adult footy players laughing at their own jokes!

    When this childishness begins, I have to find something else to do; it’s so ‘juvenile it’s embarrassing.

    Act your age guys, and compliment yourselves on an otherwise ‘informative’ show.

  2. As if we haven’t heard enough Essendon saturation. oh no, now we have drooling Bruce again and his darling Victorian focus as well as favourite son Tim Watson – great, more Essendon crap. Boring. As if its interesting!

  3. We may see this throughout the season next year…I think that would be a good idea as Channel 7 are the AFL broadcaster but Channel 9 has more extra football programming. i.e they have Sunday Footy Show, Footy Show and Footy Classified, Channel 7 only has AFL Game Day. Wayne Carey may well join Channel 7 full time next year.

  4. @bill I have to agree with you about channel sevens coverage of AFL. They have very bad camera angles and often seem too far away from the action. Channel ten did a better job and even ABC does better with their VFL coverage.

    I will probably give this go as there isn’t much else on Monday while waiting to watch footy classified though there isn’t any presenter that I am particularly interested in seeing on this show. I do wonder how Andrew Demetriou will go on a regular gig.

    On the subject of footy classified its getting annoying at times when you can clearly see Craig Hutchinson and Caroline Wilson not getting along and Gary Lyon being mediator. I tune in to hear Caroline Wilsons strong opinions and when Craig Hutchinson speaks over her I often miss her point and therefore can’t make an educated decision on whether to agree or disagree with her opinion.

  5. Armchair Analyst

    This is great news i was wondering when they were going to bring this back. I think they decided to bring this back because of the ratings of the Special that they had two to three weeks ago. I think they will use the same set that they have for Game Day. Great to see the Special One hosting it, although i would have liked to see Mark Stevens on as the Journo playing the role of Mike Sheehan, Wayne Carey will be good, i thought he was good on The Game Plan AFL on ONE, not sure about Andrew Demitriou being on i think that could cause the other panelists not to be impartial and worry about what Andrew will think when they want to rightly or wrontly critisise the AFL.

  6. Shows he’s never watched a game on channel 7…

    Andrew Demetriou commented: “Channel 7, as our free to air broadcaster, serves our game with wonderful broadcasts and commentary…”

    Standard definition, graphics that look like they were done on a Commodore 64, Tom Harley, Hamish McLachlan, Basil Zemplis, Brian Taylor, Luke Darcy

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