Samantha Armytage: “Everything that has been written is total bull”

2013-08-15_1056Samantha Armytage has spoken up on the realm of rumours that have enveloped Sunrise, Melissa Doyle, herself and David Koch.

“I didn’t set out for this job, I never really sort of coveted this job,” she told the Courier Mail.

“I was always happy doing what I was doing.”

Since being given the plum job, media articles have speculated on the behind the scenes machinations at Martin Place.

“Everything that has been written is total bull,” Armytage says.

“It’s a shame for Mel because she is a wonderful woman who has had, and continues to have a wonderful career, and it’s a shame for me because I didn’t do anything wrong, I just got a promotion.

“You would think I did do something wrong with some of the coverage.”

Ironically, some of that speculation has been led by News Corp papers, which publishes her retort today.

Armytage’s first week as permanent co-host has been strong, with as high as 407,000 viewers on Tuesday.

Seven is yet to announce her permanent replacement on Weekend Sunrise.


  1. I love Sam – her and Andrew made such a great team on the weekend so I was sad to see them get split up. I think she’ll make a good team with Nat though as they both have the same sense of humour.

  2. I think sam is great. She is smart knows what she is talking about and can have a laugh.

    But I really want to know who is replacing her on weekend sunrise.

  3. Sam is great and has sex appeal….ooops…not allowed to say that anymore.

    Watched Mel on 7two tonight….She was very impressive…(even thought the program is nothing outstanding) have not seen anybody that good doing news/Current affairs for years…..probably since Jana.

    I will name it now…she will be on the main channel at 6.30pm within 6 months.

    If not…..presenting Sydney 6pm news.

    Just a huge waste on 7two.

  4. We know it was all bull, Sam. Most of it was written by a certain female at the Daily Tele who has a grudge against Seven/Sunrise for some reason. If it doesn’t come from David, it’s not true. That’s what i’ve learned.

  5. Sam is cool. Loved Sunrise today when Sam, Nat Edwina and all of Kochie’s angels took off all their make-up. They all looked fantastic without it. The big surprise was Melisa Hoyer. She did look 10 years younger without make-up.

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