Seven launches 7TWO News bulletin tonight

Seven has just announced a new 7TWO News bulletin to begin from 7pm tonight "hosted initially by Mark Ferguson."

2013-08-05_1724It’s been rumoured for some time, mostly for Melissa Doyle, but Seven has just announced a new Seven News bulletin to begin from tonight “hosted initially by Mark Ferguson.”

Following yesterday’s election date announcement, Seven News will tonight launch a half-hour National news bulletin to air weeknights on 7TWO at 7pm.

The live bulletin, to be hosted initially by Mark Ferguson, will bring viewers all the latest in news and public affairs.

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  1. seven two news has been pretty boring since it’s a recap of 4:30 news with a different presenter zzzzzzzzzz

    try harder seven

    come up with something new or different format like a discussion panel

  2. Im all for it. Love Seven News. But I wonder what the point of it is, unless Mel will be stepping up to it?

    While Mel remains on Sunrise for her final week, it will be interesting to see what Anette Sharp has to say about this (jokes!)

  3. Not more news!! Another issue with 7TWO is they are repeating X Factor in the early evening, so Homes under the Hammer is not on. Fair enough its not a brilliant show, but it is something I have on when I arrive home from work and make dinner.

    Tomorrow ‘Seven News at Seven” doesnt start until 7:02pm accoding to my EPG. Look’s like they’ll have to amend the title also on a regular basis.

  4. How much news do we need it’ll be an order of hash, a lot ham and cheese served up by Mark Ferguson. And before Seven starts airing promos saying home of news for Sydney, hey Seven whatever happened to 7TWO being the home for The Bill, oh wait it’s be playing at 11:30pm and 4am.

  5. Instead of adding news bulletins, how about improving the credibility of existing bulletins? And a serious news service would not be broadcasting a bulletin which will be 2 hours old to WA viewers (3 hours in summer). I’ll stick to live and local news on ABC thanks.

  6. this still surprises me, the only viewers they will get are those who watch ABC news at 7pm, home and away viewers or the channel surfers. I can’t see this lasting but who knows.

  7. I don’t mind the idea of this. Wonder if it means the regional arms of 7 (and 9 so I hear) will be doing it locally or will the Ferguson version be pumped around around the country?

  8. “The live bulletin, to be hosted initially by Mark Ferguson, will bring viewers all the latest in news and public affairs.”

    …most of which you have already seen during Sunrise and the 11:30 bulletin.

  9. Poor Mark Ferguson, he’s filling in for Chris Bath for Sydney’s 6pm news, and now last minute gets told he’s doing a random 7pm bulletin on the Heartbeat channel (aka 7Two)

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