Slideshow slips into top spot, while Offspring lifts TEN.

Ratings: Seven's new comedy show debuts well and the death of Patrick Reid puts TEN into a competitive position on Wednesday.

2V0A0299_resizeSlapstick comedy and a drama death were the big talking points to emerge from Wednesday, especially on social media, with Slideshow and Offspring both winning their timeslots.

Seven’s new Slideshow was the #1 show of the night with an impressive 1.3m viewers. There were plenty of instant fans on Twitter, although it did appear to polarise some who couldn’t see what all the fuss was about.

Meanwhile the death of Patrick on Offspring outranked it on Twitter, trending worldwide last night. While OzTAM is where it counts the show still drew in 1.06m viewers, enough to win its timeslot. It was good to see TEN have a competitive night, but Seven took victory.

Seven network was 28.2% then Nine 24.7%, TEN 23.4%, ABC 18.4% and SBS 5.3%.

Following Slideshow for Seven was Seven News (1.22m), Today Tonight (1.05m), Home and Away (904,000), Criminal Minds (812,000), Deal or No Deal (581,000) and The Mole (340,000).

Nine News (1.28m) was best for and A Current Affair (1.03m), Big Brother slipped to 754,000, then Hot Seat (695,000), Arrow (645,000) and Embarrassing Bodies (449,000).

Offspring (1.06m) had its best numbers all season and was still sitting at #1 on Twitter in Australia this morning.  TEN had a competitive night thanks also to MasterChef Australia (933,000), TEN News (673,000), The Project (637,000) and a rise for This Week Live (620,000) which won its timeslot. The show featured Rove as “an upgraded” Tommy Little guest host, although he was almost at risk of taking over the show in only its third week. The Simpsons was 388,000.

ABC News (940,000) led ABC1 then Qi (800,000), 7:30 (797,000) a repeat of Adam Hills Tonight (490,000), Wednesday Night Fever (398,000) and Restoration Man (327,000).

On SBS ONE it was Australia with Simon Reeve (366,000), Predators in Your Backyard (250,000), World News Australia (165,000) and The Killing (113,000).

The bunny bit into multichannels with Peter Rabbit at 335,000.

Sunrise: 396,000
Today: 328,000
ABC News Breakfast: 52,000 / 33,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 7 August 2013

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  1. Yeah I actually don’t mind SlideShow but the title is a misnomer. The games were good fun though. The only thing I think would be good was Seven could go with a better host (I don’t know what it is about Grant Denyer but I just don’t like him).

  2. I watched Slide Show with my husband, my 6 year old, and my 76 year old father in law.
    We all had a good laugh, and my daughter and I made alphabet shapes (like they did on the show) during the ads, then some mimes too. Even the father in law joined in. It was a great fun hour!

  3. Well done Ten. Nice to see a competitive night from them. Great to see rove back on Aussie tv. He was funnier than ever. He was better with a panel rather than just himself. A great episode of TWL. Hope numbers continue to grow. Good to see it is on the up. Gleeson is very funny.

    I watched slideshow repeat last night. Bit disappointing but not surprised. How many times can somebody falling over be funny!!

  4. @catherine – agree totally. I am really enjoying The Mole too, but 2 episodes and no eliminations?! I am kind of glad this time though, as my recording cut off early due to Criminal Minds running 20 minutes over it’s scheduled time.

  5. I watched ‘Australia with Simon Reeve’ & then ‘This Week Live.’ I’m sorry to all the Rove & Gleeson lovers here, but Matt Lucas was the only one providing the laughs… Even though he barely did or said anything! Sometimes he looked like he was asleep, tired from all the Australians surrounding him & their desperation for laughs (& validation). It was another embarrassing moment for Australian “comedy.”

  6. Seven had a Great Last Night with Slideshow Debuting at the Top, but tonight it’s a Different story as they got some lame Programming, Masterchef had it’s best ratings Performance of the Season and Offspring lifted Ten.

  7. Great to see some family entertainment for a change, TV could do with more comedy, so many bad things going on in the world right now and laughter is important to keep things in perspective, some parts of Slide were not that good but generally speaking not a bad show, hope it continues to give lots of enjoyment to lots of people.

  8. @mellowman: I’m reliably informed that the five eliminations before the finale are in episodes 12, 16, 18, 19, and 20. Episode 12 is the first hour next week, and then it’s a slog to the next one but after that they drop like flies.

  9. Good for TWL, and the little jokes at Offspring lightened the mood

    Matt Lucas looked so confused on that show though and while Rove on TEN again brought back memories, let’s keep him as a guest host for the odd occasion.

    The I Hate You, Change My Mind segue with Julie Bishop was the best one yet.

  10. a double episode of the mole last night and no elimination? are you kidding me??? There are still lots of contestants. How long do they plan to drag this out? It’s just ridiculous.

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