1. LOL David about the Eskimo comment. Congratulations Seven. Thank you to GEM for Person of Interest I just find that a fun show with wonderful character interaction. If I’d wish for anything I’d wish it would start a little sooner so it could end a little sooner. Also thank you to the ABC for the News, Four Corners and Media Watch.

    I just can’t watch SBS News anymore. Since Seven did the Jeff Kennett stunt I’ve decided to start watching TV at 7pm starting with ABC News. I guess it’s my once a decade change. I hope it can last the rest of my lifetime. I want it to. I just want the News to be about the News and not selling stuff on your channel(s) with it. If you hadn’t done that stunt on the News I might have watched Insight. Instead I flicked over half way through the News to Ch 2.

  2. I have to admit I am huge big brother tragic I like both the UK and aus versions and I like that they have 90 minute episodes but I wish they had proper live streaming like they used to when it was on ten hopefully it will rate better tonite not being up against xfactor

  3. Good to see Mc over 800k again. Will be interesting to see how it rates when they all go to Dubai on sunday. I heard Gary got pretty sick and had to pull out of filming while on trip.

  4. muscledude_oz

    Dave, I’ve noticed on the EPG that both X Factor and Australia’s Got Talent will be going up against each other this Sunday at 18:30. Is this true or not? Surely when AGT went to Nine Simon Cowell would have insisted on a non-competition clause to ensure his shows don’t clash with each other?

  5. @Bogues I remember going back that when ever Big Brother was on (Channel 10 days at least), the Ratings for ABC News always went up.

    Big Brother 2012 launched later as well starting on August 13th, so not sure if that has any affect, though second week ratings for Tuesday were at 1,017,000, so it is only down 137,000 (by page 30 of this sites ratings). The X-Factor last year same day by those ratings was 1,526,000, so it has dropped slightly as well, Home And Away was 1,002,000 and ABC News 1,137,000 (less people now watching TV it seems).

    Wednesday last year BB’s second week were 1,031,000, so be interesting to see if they lift against Slide Show on Seven.

  6. I am loving X factor so far this year to me better then stupid BB

    When Perth going to get 7two news at seven instead we get bargain hunters and gem have news at seven

  7. I think that BB is just trying too hard. Too many twists. Watched last night the whole show for the 1st time & while I dont think they ot the casting right this year – too many princesses – it wasn’t bad. Certainly better than X Factor repeating all the contestants again.
    I agree that BB needs to maybe strip to just shorter shows with maybe longer catch up shows stripped later at night.

  8. In TV land, Big Brother ratings are still good…just not great. Just shows the importance of good lead in audiences, as Winners and Losers goes up significantly and Bake Off goes down by the same proportion.

  9. Looks like Home and Away is benefitting while BB is on the air, it doesn’t crack 1m often. BB would benefit from shorter shows, frankly it’s on way too much. Bake Off has also dropped quite a bit without a strong lead in.

  10. Big Brother and Bake Off are struggling now X Factor and Heston are on the scene.

    Bake Off is a nice little show, but Big Brother – it’s time to go… please.

  11. Nine would have to be a bit concerned at the slow-but-steady drops for Big Brother – it hasn’t rated over a million in a week and that is its lowest result so far.

    Ouch for The Great Australian Bakeoff – this show was rating over a million back in July.

    Will be interesting to see if The Ashes continues to rate for the last 2 tests now that Australia has no chance of winning and can only play for a draw.

  12. It’s gotta be said Big Brother is just terrible this year, the housemates are extremely boring don’t like any of them (except Tahan cos she’s something to look at) to be at that low ratings 1 week in is a real concern RIP BB

  13. Under The Dome has become beyond corny…but still watching.
    Not sure how they are getting a second season out of it…would be best suited to single season run I think

  14. It’s great to see Home And Away over 1 million

    Will regional QLD viewers eventually get to see 7News at 7 & 9News at 7 as currently 7pm is the timeslot for TT on 7TWO and ACA on GEM?

    Not that I will be watching though its H&A all the way šŸ™‚

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