The Voice Kids coming to Nine in 2014

2013-08-15_2118Nine has announced a junior version of The Voice to air next year.

The new series, showcasing singing kids aged 8-14 will be an Australian version of the junior spin-off which has already aired in other markets.

It continues a growing trend for double seasons of hit Reality shows.

Coaches and a host are yet to be announced.

Michael Healy, Nine Network’s Director of Television, said: “The Voice has been an incredible success for Nine and we look forward to The Voice Kids shining a light on the enormous pool of undiscovered young talent this country has to offer.”

Julie Ward, Director of Entertainment for Shine Australia, said: “We are excited to open The Voice stage up to the next generation of great Australian talent. We are confident that there are amazing young singers who will benefit from the unique experience of being part of The Voice and we want to see them register to audition.”

Applicants must be aged between 8 and 14 on January 1, 2014.


  1. I feel like this won’t end well…just like Jnr MC and YTT. Kids shows are usually overly sweet and nice, with little to no criticism and it’s just boring because of that.

  2. Okay, here’s what I’m thinking. If the first season was somewhat of a success or at least not a failure, this could be a good show to have on GO! for the second season. Does anyone else agree?

  3. As long as there are 4 completely new mentors, this could work.

    The format will get very tiresome if it’s the exact same judges as the normal edition.

  4. Nine’s end of year schedule is looking very busy… Either AGT or Big Brother won’t be surviving…

    X Factor is bound to be back for another year… can it survive against X Factor?

  5. At least with The Voice we only see good talent & so that would be the same for the kids version I would expect.
    I assume this means that either Great Aust Bake Off or even Big Brother may be off the schedule.
    Can see every stage mother & their little princesses begging to get an audition…
    Need to get the right judges…Delta would be a given I suppose. Don’t know who else..
    Must be going to follow The Voice in the schedule as they have already had initial auditions for The voice I believe.

  6. What next junior the block then again the kids would do a better job like previous comments I agree that one of the reasons why MC is going down is because there is just to much of it the same thing will happen to the voice if nine aren’t careful

  7. Nine are getting too involved with reality programming now. This will come back to bite them, just look at when TEN decided that one version of MasterChef was not enough? Disaster striked, and is perhaps why the original version isn’t hitting the highs as it had been doing in its first two seasons.

  8. Will this end up like Junior Masterchef, and then people are so fed up with “The voice” type of show having 2 in one year that the ratings take a nose dive like Masterchef has done, why do channel 9 have to milk everything dry, even Underbelly is not doing so good this time, will 9 ever learn?.

  9. As much as I love The Voice, I think this might just be a bit of an over-kill… But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. It could be a success depending on who the judges are.

  10. Noooo. Who was watching Junior MasterChef and got this idea? How do you tell an eight-year-old that she really can’t sing, despite mummy telling her, constantly, she’s a fantastic singer?

  11. Wow, this is hefty development success of the world’s leading tv makers. There is surprisingly always something new. Just wow, can’t wait to see little kids crying.

  12. Why oversaturate a successful show? It may provide a short term ratings spike but in the long run diminishes the brand aka MasterChef.

    Nine need to invest in original non-reality programming, that way they won’t have to overload their schedule with The Big Bang Theory, The Block and Big Brother.

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