The X Factor sings with 1.5m for Monday

Ratings: The X Factor topped Monday night with an impressive 1.5m viewers, in a night that proved to be a close tussle.

xfalThe X Factor topped Monday night with an impressive 1.5m viewers, but in a night proved to be a close tussle between the two key rivals.

Seven network was 30.8% then Nine 29.2%, ABC 18.6%, TEN 16.3% and SBS 5.1%.

Following X Factor for Seven was Seven News (1.27m), Today Tonight (1.06m), Home and Away (983,000), Mr. Selfridge (789,000), Deal or No Deal (534,000) and Mrs. Brown’s Boys (362,000).

Nine News won its slot with 1.35m for Nine then the final Hamish and Andy’s Gap Year Asia (1.3m), A Current Affair (1.26m), Big Brother (910,000), Hot Seat (689,000), Big Bang (410,000 / 392,000) and Footy Classified (219,000 in 3 cities).

ABC News (889,000) was best for ABC1 followed by Australian Story (767,000), 7:30 (744,000), Four Corners (738,000), Media Watch (655,000), and Q & A (617,000).

MasterChef (742,000) led TEN’s night then TEN News (654,000), The Project (644,000), Wanted (451,000) and The Simpsons (421,000). The Americans season ended on 203,000.

Beat the Ancestors, Housos and How To Be More Creative were all 235,000 for SBS ONE -that’s 100% retention! World News Australia was 217,000 and Bogan Pride was 135,000.

Neighbours led multichannels with a very good 360,000.

I will file afternoon news results tomorrow as it appears the numbers did not adjust for Nine’s late change.

Sunrise: 405,000
Today: 325,000
ABC News Breakfast: 57,000 / 43,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 19 August 2013

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  1. So glad to see sunrise hitting the 400 hundred thousand plus mark .incredible ratings for breakfast tv. Looks like adam boland will have a huge job at ten with these sort of figures.Really loving samantha armitage in the presenters chair .great to see the show rating so well actually thrashing today show with sam at the helm. Why is the media ignoring this . Today show wins one day and its all over the media .

  2. @Pete Wanted is rating significantly better than anything that Ten has had in the Monday 8:30pm timeslot in a very long time. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it back next year. Cheap to make and the success rate for arrests after criminals have appeared on the show is quite remarkable.

  3. The question (whatever it is) actually goes to the heart of “artistic merit” versus “popular appeal”.

    That is, “artistic merit” does not coincide with “popular appeal”. “Popular appeal” rarely coincides with “artistic merit”.

    Cinema box office provides example after example of this phenomenon. Ditto the pop music charts.

  4. Mrs Selfridge is hanging in there. It has good production values, and is by Andrew Davies, but it is just so predictable and unexciting. There just doesn’t seem to be much of a story in the biography of Selfridge.

  5. @Andy G
    Scandal rates well with 18-49s in the US.

    Seven got Scandal through an output deal and the first season failed in Revenge’s slot, so it was bumped to late at night where hardly anyone watched it.

    Seven will still have the options for Scandal, but it isn’t worth much here now and I doubt Ten would buy it even if Seven was selling.

  6. @smit0847 For TEN to show Game Of Thrones in the afternoon the Classification rules would have to change as to when MA 15+ shows are allowed to be shown as in: :MA15+ rated material can only be shown between 9:00 pm and 5:00 am,” by the FTA guidelines.

    The M rated shows they could get away with showing as long as it is not School Holidays, as in: “M rated material can be screened any time between 8:30 pm and 5:00 am, and may also be screened during the day between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm on school days.”

  7. Most quality US dramas are made for cable. The Americans rated 5m (3m+2m) on FX in the US (which has a population of 314m).

    They just don’t have a broad enough appeal to get large audiences on FTA. (Homeland S1 is the exception that proves the rule).

    The top rating FTA dramas in the US are formulaic procedurals like NCIS, Bones & Castle, whose audience grows every year as they become part of the furniture. Shows like Revenge and The Good Wife are usually at risk of cancellation after a couple of seasons.

  8. They struggle David because the audiences for them know that the networks will shift them around, run them over time or stop playing them half way through. It is easier to wait for DVD, download them or get netflix. I have Iplayer, channel 4 and itv on my samsung DVD player and can watch catchup whenever I want. I could get netflix if I wanted. It’s $5 a month for a VPN. The only reason to watch Australian TV is for Australian content. I really don’t think I’m alone, we’re some of the highest downloaders in the world, people bring back U.S itunes cards from overseas or buy them on ebay. It’s too easy to get stuff other ways. When they put on popular stuff viewing numbers go up across the board. The networks need to stop worrying about chasing shares of the audience. They need to get the audience to switch on period. Your late report is a great start.

  9. The ‘big’ US shows don’t work here because people download them rather than waiting for a station here to decide to show them. Australian networks treat their viewers with some contempt (i.e. Under the Dome tonight) it doesn’t surprised me people look elsewhere.

    Fast tracking helps but it needs to be shown ‘live’ during the day, and then repeated ASAP that evening during primetime, not 48 hours later. People won’t wait more than a few hours before they go and download it. Fast tracking is never going to be convenient to Australian tv schedules due to the time difference and the fact that the US tv seasons runs at different times to ours.

    If 10 could somehow get the rights to Game of Thrones next season and show it live on Monday afternoons and then repeat it at 8.30 Mondays it would have an instant hit.

  10. Has Sunrise ever hit 400k on a normal day?!

    I don’t know if its good lighting or a really good make-up artist or hairdresser but Deb Knight looks absolutely stunning on Today – she looks better than she ever has.

  11. The Americans is a niche cable show which didn’t have wide appeal in the US so I don’t understand why people expect it to have a wide appeal here. Its not trying to be NCIS. If it wasn’t for DVR figures the Americans was unlikely to be renewed by FX.

    For a cable show in the US to be considered a hit generally its the 4 mill total/2.0 mill demo figure. Transfer those figures to Australia and its equivalent to 200k total people/100k demo rating

    The season finale of the Americans had a 1.74 mill total people rating (Australian transfer 87k) so you could argue the Americas rated better here than it did in the US (not apples with apples I know FTA vs Cable)

    Im more confused why ch 10 thought it would rate here. Its not and isn’t trying to be Homeland. Maybe they should try and get the rights to Scandal which is so much fun and would fit in with their brand well, improved in Season…

  12. Wanted may improve a little next week as Nine schedules a lazy clip show of the 80’s which I hope bombs. In any case, I cannot see Wanted back next year on those continual disappointing numbers.

    David, were you doing a story on why The Americans has rated so poorly? Thanks go to Ten for sticking with what was a great series. Cannot wait for Season 2 but on those numbers, not sure if it will be on Ten or One.

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