True Blood showrunner on Eric Northman’s fate…

Showrunner Brian Buckner was asked the crucial questions after that confroversial scene. Minor Spoiler.

2013-08-19_2247Minor Spoiler: After that fetching (and controversial) scene with Eric Northman in True Blood’s finale, there’s been a lot of discussion about whether he really died, and whether Alexander Skarsgard will return.

Showrunner Brian Buckner was asked the crucial questions by the Hollywood Reporter.

THR: Let’s just start with the most obvious. Is Alexander Skarsgard coming back as Eric Northman?
Brian Buckner: The character of Eric will be back as a regular on our show, but I’m not promising how we’re going to use him. But I also don’t want to incite more controversy. Here’s what I would like to say: Eric Northman will be back in your living rooms next summer.

THR: Speaking of surprises, on top of all that other stuff, there was the full frontal nudity. Tell me about your discussions with Alexander Skarsgard when it came to that.
Buckner: First of all, he’s Swedish. He doesn’t feel about this the way we all do. When we usually shoot scenes with that level of nudity, the men are wearing socks. Alex is not fond of the socks. So I wasn’t entirely sure whether he was comfortable with it. When we were going to lock picture on the cut, I sent him an email. He was already off in real Sweden somewhere, and I said, “Are you comfortable with this?” and he said, “No problemo!” That was the level of the talk. That thing about Eric Northman, the too-cool-for-school, it comes from Alex. He is really a cool cucumber.

Buckner also said he thinks the show has 2 more seasons in it.

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  1. I didn’t think of that. I have since read an interview on TVline that specifically mentions Alexander Skarsgard will be back, which this interview does not. It sounds like Brian Buckner has to do a bit of damage control with these interviews.

    Maybe Eric will be a ghost, like Spike on Angel.

  2. Not really, but it kind of reiterates the point that there are multiple articles for major events. Can’t keep hiding headlines and pics. I’ve used Spoiler here because it pertains to an unaired storyline. If it was just about Alexander Skarsgard I would have considered it casting news. A bit tricky, but these are the rules I’ve developed over the years for better or worse! Cheers.

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