Wednesday Wonderland for TEN

2013-08-22_1014TEN’s new drama got off to a good start last night with Wonderland pulling 948,000 second in its timeslot. Ironically it was only beaten by Gruen Nation‘s 1.05m featuring TEN exec Russel Howcroft (he was on record as saying he wanted Wonderland to win).

Wonderland also topped the demos last night.

But the night was won by Nine with the Ashes netting an 8.3% share on GEM, despite Seven coming first in primary channels.

Nine was 28.8% then Seven 26.6%, ABC 20.5%, TEN 19.6% and SBS 4.5%.

Nine News topped the night with 1.21m viewers followed by A Current Affair (976,000), Big Brother (791,000 / 725,000), Hot Seat (623,000), Arrow (570,000) and Embarrassing Bodies (405,000 -includes 187,000 for Footy Classified ep late change in Melbourne).

Seven News (1.18m) was best for Seven then Today Tonight (933,000), SlideShow (932,000), Home and Away (881,000), Criminal Minds (627,000 / 558,000) and Deal or No Deal (552,000).

Following Gruen‘s excellent 1.05m for ABC1 was ABC News (806,000), Qi (781,000), The Hamster Decides (774,000), 7:30 (732,000), and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (448,000).

Following Wonderland for TEN was MasterChef (807,000), TEN News (635,000), The Project (593,000). This Week Live was 431,000 and The Simpsons was 352,000.

On SBS ONE it was Expedition Wolf (217,000), Charlie Boorman’s Extreme Frontiers (194,000), World News Australia (190,000), Classical Destinations (125,000) and The Killing (89,000).

Ashes on GEM was 414,000 / 292,000

Sunrise: 395,000
Today: 315,000
ABC News Breakfast: 61,000 / 33,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 21 August 2013



  1. Let’s see now… The teaser at the start of the show turns out to be a cheat. Absolutely nothing else happens until the end of the second commercial break, and that’s the totally unbelievable proposal. And the only hook for the entire series is ‘will he or won’t he sacrifice his car for the girl?’ That’s pretty thin, not to mention lame. It’s like it was devised and written by writers who have never seen anything but Neighbours and Home and Away, and don’t know any better.

  2. Arrow would have rated better for Nein if they launched it straight out of the blind auditions of The Voice instead of The Following, and put it in the Tuesday 8:30 timeslot like they initially planned

    Look at the success Ten has had for Under the Dome in the same timeslot. With no interruptions from State of Origin it would have much better momentum as well

  3. Good to see a change up in the ratings rankings with ABC and 10 taking tone top 2 slots in the 8:30 slot. I gues there is hope for 10 after all.

  4. I thought Wonderland was good last night, glade to see it rated well for TEN. I wasn’t looking for a new show but like it and really not interested in hard hitting drama right now.

  5. Yeah Wonderland doesn’t interest me either bit im glad it did good numbers for ten. It seems networks can’t portray our current lifestyles on a tv series. I don’t see why we haven’t seen the current generation on tv. Are we too complicated? lol

  6. I don’t understand why people slam shows that combine drama and humour. Isn’t that just like real life? Our lives are not just drama and not just comedy. I actually prefer shows that mix comedy and drama. I tend to give the full-on dramas a miss these days and most sitcoms are sad.

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