2.7m for AFL final as TEN hits new 2013 low

Ratings: AFL Grand final tops Seven's week, but TEN's primary channel has a week as rough as guts.

aflh2Last week held good news for Seven and Nine, but bad news for TEN as the latter hit a new 2013 survey low for its primary channel.

TEN’s main channel was down to 10.1% in Overnight shares after a string of under-performing local shows last week.

That was lower than the 10.3% it pulled in Overnight shares in early March. Their network share fared a little better at 15.8%, marginally above than its 2013 survey low of 15.2% in April. Consolidated numbers are yet to be delivered.

This week TEN pins its hopes on new fast-tracked content from the US.

Otherwise it was a two-horse race with Seven winning Total People and Nine winning demos.

The AFL Grand Final (match) was the week’s top show with 2.72m metro viewers. It was down from 2013’s game of 2.96m when Sydney took on Hawthorn, but better than 2010 and 2011.

Seven: 30.7
Nine: 30.1
ABC: 18.2
TEN: 15.8
SBS: 5.2

Primary channel:
Seven / Nine: 23.0 (tie)
ABC1: 13.1
TEN: 10.1
SBS ONE: 4.2

7TWO: 4.0
GO!: 3.8
7mate: 3.7
GEM: 3.3
ABC2: 3.1
ONE: 2.1
ABC News 24: 1.2
ABC3: 0.8
SBS 2: 0.8
NITV: 0.1

Nine easily won the demos 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Seven won Sunday – Wednesday while Nine took Thursday – Saturday. ABC bettered TEN on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and tied for Sunday.

Seven won Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth but Nine took Sydney and Brisbane.

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  1. I read this same information on the Australian website pretty impressive numbers for Seven shows that they made the right decision to pay a bit extra for the AFL. Although it was slightly down on last year GF of 2.97 million, still not bad. Meanwhile TEN is still in free fall their brand is tarnished in part thanks to Lachlan “no nothing about tv” Murdoch.

  2. Please don’t even think of cutting back on the number of networks in Australia. Imagine what we will be left with & how many good shows would be lost to FTA TV.
    It only takes one show to turn around a network. Remember when Ten had MasterChef or Aust Idol firing.
    Hopefully they can find it again. I love that they are showing great drama fast tracked. That is their niche & I really think if they can cut out the bad reality they will find their place again.

  3. All I know is that a team in brown won,and now I know why the AFL insisted Freo wear white so the fuzzy,crappy picture that Seven dished up you could see the players.That was a pathetic picture quality that they dished up just look at the replay on Fox Footy night and day you can actually see who was playing in the brown outfits

  4. Ten per cent for Channel Ten…..it has a nice ring to it. Advertisers would do well to allocate their budgets accordingly.

    Ch10 must be desperately hoping for a bit of a bounce this week……they should get something, but I don’t think it will be huge though

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