Airdate: A League of their Own

leagueTEN’s new comedy / entertainment series A League Of Their Own, hosted by Tommy Little, will launch at 7.30pm on Monday, September 16th.

Including quizzes, challenges, sports stars and comedians, this is produced by Freehand Productions and based on a UK format. Pat Cash and Eamon Sullivan are the show’s resident team captains.

Bringing his quick wit and enthusiasm for all thing sports related to the hosting chair, Tommy Little will oversee team captains Pat Cash and Eamon Sullivan, who will be joined by the crème de la crème of national and international sport stars, and a variety of well-known faces from Australian comedy.

More than a game show, A League Of Their Own features teams competing in challenges that boast laugh-out-loud moments, derived from quizzes, out-of-their-seat games and irreverent but very competitive sporting challenges.

The exciting new series is filmed in Sydney, in front of a live audience, and features a spectacular set.

Monday, September 16 at 7.30pm on TEN.


  1. not sure if ten can deal with another “panel” type show ….. this will be no 3 ….. the 2 others are floundering in the ratings now …. this is not a good idea to have a third …….oversupply!

  2. Looks like good clean fun.

    But I worry this might get lost, up against the competition of The X Factor, Big Brother and also The Brownlow on the 23rd. Maybe it might have worked better later on in the week.

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