Airdate: ABBA: Absolute Image

2013-09-02_1218I think it was in Priscilla: Queen of the Desert that Terence Stamp said to Guy Pearce: “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. No more f***ing ABBA!”

But ABBA fans won’t care a jot that they are getting inundated with ABBA specials lately.

Seven has scheduled its second in two weeks, with ABBA: Absolute Image to air at 10:30pm Tuesday September 10.

Take a look at a side of ABBA that hasn’t previously been seen in a television documentary – their costumes, design concepts, music videos and visual presentation – and go on an entertaining journey through the fashion madness of the Seventies, the fun stories behind the group’s endearing music videos – and much more!

ABBA: When Four Become One airs at 10:30pm tomorrow night.

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  1. Excellent photo David. Even as a collector its rare to me.
    These 2 ABBA specials and the Dancing Queen one from a few months ago on 7 are all part of 4 ABBA specials produced by ABBA’s biographer Carl Magnus Palm for Swedish TV. Seven obvoiusly bought them as a job lot and is burning them off late-night due to the DQ specials lower ratings. There should be one more to be scheduled.
    You can read about them on Carl Magnus Palms blog on the web.
    Are we allowed to post external hyperlinks on our posts?

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