Airdate: Big School

2013-09-12_1707Nine will air new BBC comedy Big School, starring David Walliams and Catherine Tate.

Set in the Greybridge Secondary School, it follows the unconventional relationships of its dysfunctional teaching faculty.

Walliams is also a co-writer on the series, which began in the UK in August.

Mr Church (Walliams) is the socially awkward Deputy Head of Science at Greybridge who is disillusioned with teaching and about to resign after a particularly dramatic experiment that his students had no interest in at all. But the arrival of the sexy new French teacher who has never been to France, Miss Postern (Catherine Tate), changes everything.

Physical Education teacher Mr Gunn (Philip Glenister) also has his eye on Miss Postern, so Mr Church takes advice from a pupil on how to succeed with women.

Greybridge’s no-nonsense Head Teacher, Ms Baron (Frances de la Tour), runs the school with an iron rod and a cigarette, while depressed Geography teacher Mr Barber (Steve Speirs), who believes he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown, is often the target of student pranks. Then there’s the Music teacher, Mr Martin (Daniel Rigby), who likes to liven up music classes with his own undeveloped compositions.

Rounding out this dysfunctional staff room are Mrs Klebb (Joanna Scanlan), the nosey and interfering Drama teacher; Mr Church’s loyal lab assistant Pat (Julie T. Wallace) who never speaks, but whose actions make it quite clear that Mr Church is the man for her; and the frequently confused Head of Science, Mr Hubble (James Greene).

8:30pm Tuesday September 24 on Nine.


  1. Agreed : Not a great catch for 9.
    Sometimes rude, sometimes drab & dated,
    often dull & occasionally very funny – that’s
    Big School, not 9 🙂 Appropriately enough,
    all too “bitty”.

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