Airdate: Hostages. Returning: CSI.

Nine sets a premiere date for Hostages -but it's 8 days after it screens in the US.

2013-09-19_1733Nine has confirmed its premiere date for Hostages, featuring Toni Collette, as 8:30pm Wednesday October 2nd. It will be followed by the return of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation at 9:30pm.

However unlike other shows airing day and date on TEN, and even on SBS, Nine’s premiere is more than a week after it screens in the US. Two episodes will have aired in the States before the first premieres on Nine.

Compared to historic schedules, 8 days is still “fast-tracked” but Nine risks losing part of its audience to illegal piracy.

The double dose of drama starts at 8.30pm with Hostages, the gripping new thriller from Jerry Bruckheimer, a suspense-riddled series about a family caught in the middle of a grand political conspiracy that will change their lives forever.

Ellen Sanders (Collette), a top surgeon in Washington DC, has been tapped to operate on the President of the United States … and then kill him.

The night before the operation masked men, led by righteous FBI agent Duncan Carlisle (Dylan McDermott), break into the Sanders home and take Ellen, her husband (Tate Donovan) and two children hostage. They threaten to harm them all unless Ellen does as they ask – and her husband, hiding secrets of his own, is not much help.

As tensions mount and Ellen fights for time before suiting up for surgery it becomes clear that the outwardly idyllic Sanders family isn’t as perfect as originally thought. Nor are their captors as evil as one might suspect.

Then at 9.30pm CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – the most watched drama series in the world, and the program that redefined the crime genre – returns for its 14th season.

Set in the gritty, neon-splashed streets of Las Vegas, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation follows an elite team of forensic investigators as they solve the city’s murders and seek justice for the victims.

In the series return, D.B. Russell (Ted Danson) leads the CSI team on a hunt to find their colleague Morgan Brody (Elisabeth Harnois) and Ellie Brass (Brittany Redmann) – step-daughter of Detective Jim Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) – who have been kidnapped by a ritualistic killer.

Also coming soon to Nine over an exciting few weeks of fast-tracked programming is Rebel Wilson’s hilarious new comedy Super Fun Night, as well as returning favourites The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, Person of Interest and 2 Broke Girls.

Hostages 8:30pm Wednesday October 2nd
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 9.30pm Wednesday October 2nd

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  1. Not surprised by this since they started airing double episodes of Arrow to make it end faster. Wish they just made S1 end faster & were fast tracking S2 of Arrow to start straight after but still really good seeing all these shows being fast tracked (& a 8 days is a lot better than months later that we often get so I still agree it is fast tracked) 🙂

  2. 8 days compared to 5 months. Still clearly fast-tracking.

    But how many people with an Oztam box are going to watch Hostages for an entire season live and in SD with ads, watermarks and popups rather than illegally download HD ad and popup free copies because something is 8 days instead of one day behind? Because that is what Nine needs to make money.

    And it’s not like being 1 day behind helped Sleepy Hollow. There was no difference in Homeland S2 when Channel Ten moved it from two weeks to one week behind. We shall see what happens this year when it is same day.

    So far there is no evidence that fast-tracking boosts overnight ratings.

  3. Nine won`t re-schedule the final 2 episodes of season one for a popular show like “Arrow” so that “Hostages” can premiere within a few days of the U.S. They would risk losing more viewers if they did this. Although Hostages looks like its a great show, there is no guarantee it is going to attract the same numbers or better numbers that shows like Arrow get in Australia. They are playing it safe to a degree.

  4. Good to see its not a Sunday or Monday. I don’t mind waiting for a new show but short broadcast windows are the way to go with established shows and serialised shows such as this one. Nine also ran a promo last night for New Big Bang Theory ‘Coming to Mondays.’

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