Airdate: Kakadu

1kkNext month ABC1 screens what looks like being a captivating nature series, Kakadu, “where man meets wild and nature calls the shots.”

This four part series has been filmed across 12 months, by Northern Pictures and Beach House Productions.

This is narrated by Indigenous actor, Tom. E. Lewis.

Here on the flood plains and ancient sculptured escarpments of Australia’s largest terrestrial national park, danger and great beauty are often the same. This is the World Heritage Listed site at its most magnificent and beguiling. But take care. Kakadu is wild. Deadly predators lie beneath the billabong surface and creep through the rugged stone towers.

Kakadu goes behind the scenes of this natural universe. Through the rangers’ eyes, and those of the scientists and traditional owners who devote their lives to Kakadu, comes a deep insight into the elemental power of nature at dramatic extremes.

In Kakadu, people are included among all living things, just another species fighting to survive. Microscopic creatures, insects, plants, aquatic life, reptiles, birds and humans – all are part of the dance of life and death, each with a powerful part to play.

Ultimately Kakadu is a story of rebirth, renewal and change, of six seasons defined by the Bininj/Mungguy – the Aboriginal people of Kakadu – unfolding as they have for millennia. Each new season produces unique drama and beauty, nothing ever predictable, nothing staying the same.

It’s taken a year of intense filming to bring this four-part epic to life – months of dedication working in searing heat and monsoon storms, deep in the heart of the living wilderness.

The result is a front row seat on a journey of monumental scale.

Sunday 6 October, 7.30pm on ABC1

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