Airdate: Legally Brown

musshSBS will premiere a new sketch show featuring Nazeem Hussain (It’s a Date, Salam Cafe) combining culture and comedy.

One of the sketches includes Muslim Shore, with seven Muslim Australians in a Reality TV house.

The characters include:

Lamees is a hijabi honey with strong opinions who is ready to stir things up in the house.

Aziz is a DJ with a totally shredded body whose main motivation to go to mosque is to pick up chicks. However Aziz has a dark secret to reveal; one which will shock the house to its core.

Ayman is a mummy’s boy whose favourite type of girl is really just anyone his mum likes.

The cast of Legally Brown also includes a former Amazing Race Australia contestant, Mohammed El-leissy.

Legally Brown is an all-new, outrageously funny weekly comedy series which puts politics and culture in the line of fire.

Hosted and co-written by emerging comedic talent Nazeem Hussain, this series will see Nazeem perform his unique brand of stand-up in front of a live studio audience of fans, interspersed with pre-recorded character and hidden camera stunts and scripted comedy sketches.

Parodying many aspects of Australian culture, including race relations, local and international politics and pop culture, Legally Brown is a little ethnic, a lot edgy and a load entertaining.

“Legally Brown is the perfect excuse for me to wear silly costumes and play ridiculous characters under the guise of addressing serious social issues.” – Nazeem Hussain

Monday 23 September, 9:30pm on SBS ONE.


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