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2013-09-18_1242Looking forward muchly to this new US drama from Showtime which will be fast-tracked on SBS ONE, replacing Vikings.

Masters of Sex sheds a light on the professional and personal lives of sexuality pioneers Masters and Johnson as their research takes them from a mid-western teaching hospital to the cover of Time magazine. It features Michael Sheen (The Queen, Twilight) and star Lizzy Caplan (Bachelorette, Mean Girls) plus The series also stars Teddy Sears as young resident Ethan Haas, Caitlin Fitzgerald as Dr Masters’ wife, Beau Bridges as the Provost of Washington University Barton Scully, and Allison Janey as Barton’s dutiful and unfulfilled wife.

Interesting to note in the SBS Press Release they’ve even borrowed the term “Express from the US” which has been a large part of Foxtel branding.

He is a brilliant scientist out of touch with his own feelings, and she is a single working mother ahead of her time. Together their research changed the way society thought about, talked about, and engaged in sex.

Express from the US, SBS is set to launch this year’s raciest drama series Masters of Sex. This new twelve-part series tells the story of real life pioneers Virginia Johnson and Dr William Masters whose ground-breaking research into the
science of human sexuality ignited the sexual revolution.

The drama is heightened by the surrounding cast of hospital co-workers, loved ones and neighbours struggling to comprehend and find their place in the brave new world of Masters and Johnson.

Episode One: Thursday October 3, 9.30pm
Dr. William Masters, a leader at Washington University in his field of obstetrics and genecology, runs a successful medical practice and is seeking approval from the chancellor to commence a study on human sexuality. But the chancellor is taken aback at such a topic and refuses to support his study. Disheartened yet determined, Masters commences his study in secret, and looks to find an assistant who will be comfortable with the subject matter. During this time, former nightclub singer Virginia Johnson joins the hospital secretarial staff and proves herself to be an asset to Masters’ work with her frankness and feminist values. Amidst their own personal relationship problems, together they embark on a fascinating study examining the physiological effects of sex on the human body, sparking the beginning of a sexual revolution.

Thursday 3 October, 9.30pm on SBS ONE


  1. Armchair Analyst

    Lizzy Caplan in that photo really looks like a bit of a seductress. This show aswell as How to have sex after Marriage which aired on GEM is going to be quite valuable at least to me, plus entertaining i will catch it looks great. People like myself will be able to learn alot from it. Looking forward to it. Ah SBS the only network not afraid of talking about sex or showing it.

  2. In my lifetime the only shows I’ve watched on SBS are Iron Chef and Rock Wiz when there is nothing to watch on a Saturday, but this looks absolutely brilliant and will have to find SBS’ catch up service to see it. P.S. good to see SBS kept to their word of airing it within 4 days of the U.S.

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