Airdate: Million Dollar Minute. Bumped: Deal or No Deal

$mdmSeven has now confirmed Million Dollar Minute will launch at 5:30pm next Monday.

Deal or No Deal is finally being moved to 5pm, after a stellar run as the lead-in to Seven News. As previously tipped, Seven News at 4 will now run for 1 hour rather than 90 minutes.

The Seven-devised new game show sees three contestants face off in general knowledge questions, with the winner earning a place in the nightly jackpot round. Seven indicates the a jackpot “eventually rises to a magical, life-changing $1,000,000.”

“It’s a brilliant block of programming and we’re incredibly excited,” says Seven’s Network Director of Production, Brad Lyons. “Million Dollar Minute is a test of knowledge as well as a test of nerves. There’s a huge pot of prize money up for grabs. Plus we’ve got a quizmaster in Grant who is loads of fun, razor-sharp and we know that audiences just love him.”

Denyer adds, “This is a great new challenge for me as I have never hosted a quiz show before. And it’s not your usual quiz show – it’s fast-paced with quick-fire questions and people at home can play along putting their own general knowledge to the test.”

The risk for Seven in moving Deal or No Deal is huge, particularly if Million Dollar Minute does not fire. But Seven had to act to address its News lead-in. Deal is likely to play out until the rest of the year, but it isn’t clear if it will ever resume production.

Game on…


  1. Not good at all.
    I usually watch 5pm news on ten until the sport comes on, then switch over to the Deal.
    Might give MDM a go just to see what it’s like.

  2. Look, I can’t see this working at all. The previews Seven showed were dreadful! The set looked cold and dark, the lighting was terrible, the presentation of the questions was tedious and confusing with the A, B, C, D options and the presenter was boring. Also, the questions seemed to have been recycled from Eddie’s show – eg: “How many kangaroos are there on the $1.00 coin?”. That question has been used on Hot Seat at least three times.

  3. Thanks David I have noticed Sally Bowrey does Perth news at 7PM on 7TWO were Melisssa Doyle does EST at 7PM news on 7TWO

    I going to give million dollar minute a go just hope there no chit chat in between questions abut the contestant lives

  4. I believe DOND’s move to 5pm will only be temporary. I believe that later this year or early next it will be gone.
    here is what I think Sevens schedule will look like in 2014:

    4pm: News
    5pm Today Tonight
    5:30 Million Dollar Minute
    6:00 News
    7:00 Home and Away

  5. I saw huge billboards in my local shopping centre yesterday for this. Up until yesterday, I thought it was going to be a primetime offering.

    And you’re right David, Deal or no Deal has had an incredible run. Combined with Seven News and Today Tonight, it pioneered Seven to be a ratings powerhouse.

    That said, I wish Grant the very best of luck. Being tasked with this responsibility would unsettle me.

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