Airdate: Mistresses. Returning: Scandal

2013-09-23_1402More new and returning titles on Seven next week sees Scandal return for its second season (a year after it aired in the US) and the premiere of the US series of Mistresses.

We’ve previously seen the UK version of Mistresses but this version stars Alyssa Milano.

These will follow the premiere of The Blacklist.

Monday Sept 30
9:30PM Scandal 

“White Hat’s Off”
Quinn’s identity is finally revealed, and the more the Pope & Associates team learn about her past, the more they realise she could be their biggest scandal yet. Meanwhile, a senator seeks Olivia’s help when his personal life is about to become a public disgrace, and President Fitz is stuck between a rock and hard place when Mellie and Cyrus put him in a very compromising position during a live television interview.

10:30pm Mistresses
A sassy and sexy group of friends find support and guidance with each other as they brave their turbulent journeys and life’s storms of excitement, secrecy and betrayal. Savannah, a successful career woman, is working toward the next phase in her life, bucking for partner at her law firm while also trying to start a family with her husband, Harry. Savi’s capricious baby sister Josslyn is the opposite, loving her single – and serial dating – lifestyle. Their common best friend April is recently widowed, and they’ve all reconnected with their friend Karen, a therapist who lost touch during a complicated relationship – with a patient.


  1. Yay, saw a promo for the 2nd series of Scandal the other day and hoped it wasn’t far off. So glad 7 repeated the first series, as I had forgotten half of what had happened. I’ve seen stories about Mistresses on ET and hoped we would be getting it.

  2. What happened to spreading out shows across several nights? There’s stuff to watch on Sun, Mon, Tues nights (at the moment) with the rest of the week kind of … uneventful. Or it could just be me…

  3. i see mistresses because of Alyssa Milano besides her & holly Marie Combs from Charmed there the only ones who’s aged well & still hot at the age that they are

  4. So Monday night on Seven is women’s night? Seven really does court the female viewer more than any other network.
    Mistresses despite the all star cast has sat on the shelf for a month before it’s debut in June so I don’t hold out much hope for a 2nd season. Only 13 seasons have been made.

  5. Although the Mistress promo shows an all-star cast, it is too drama for my liking but I’m sure it’ll rock the Gossip Girl fan base. I never got into Scandal, but it’s a good pairing by Seven with The Blacklist. But where is the USA network shows that are seasons behind?

  6. Will be interesting to see how Scandal goes second time round – it will probably have a big lead in but if its going to start closer to 10pm then it may fizzle.

  7. Has Mistresses been renewed? I was visiting the US recently and saw the Pilot and though it was rather yawn inducing. I’m usually a soapy/drama fan so was pretty disappointed, if it was renewed then I assume it improved as it went along because that first ep was lame as.

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