Airdate: The Darren Sanders Show

2013-06-19_0102GO! has now scheduled 4 episodes of local late-night talk show The Darren Sanders Show, which started out on Community TV.

Sanders is hoping for some viewer support given GO! is “testing the waters” with a 4 episode trial.

“I guess this is a first to have such a program on so late at night in Australia and I hope in the near future to see the show run Monday to Thursday nights weekly,” he said.

Wed Oct 2nd 11.40pm
Ep 1. Guests Glenn Shorrock & Darren Carr

Wed Oct 9th 11.40pm
Ep 2. Guests Darren Percival & Renee Brack

Wed Oct 16th TBA (After the movie)
Ep 3. Guests Dr Nikki Goldstein & Lindsay Webb

Wed Oct 23rd TBA (After the movie)
Ep 4. Guests Steve Le Marquand, Vanessa Raspa & David Smiedt


  1. Wow this is not good.
    Sanders brings nothing to a tired, worn out format except no name guests, horribly poor production values and gaping hole where the host’s charisma should be.

    Clearly even GO! were embarrassed, hence the derisory time slot.

    I expect (and hope) this is the last we see of Sanders. He can disappear back into the RSL’s and cruise ships, where he belongs, knowing that he at least gave it a go… and failed spectacularly.

  2. I’ve only heard of glenn shorrock and i’m not staying til midnight for him. Thats the trouble with aussie talkshows…not enough celebrities for a nightly show

  3. With guests the majority of GO! viewers have not even heard of, I don’t see there is much hope for this. I’ve only heard of two of these guests but I wouldn’t seek out their appearance.

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