Airdate: The Returned (Les Revenants)

2013-09-17_2254Acclaimed French horror drama series The Returned (Les Revenants) premieres on STUDIO next month.

The series, in which deceased road accident victims return to a small town as the undead, recently aired in the UK as the first fully subtitled drama on Channel 4 for more than 20 years.

The Returned has received critical acclaim internationally, captivating audiences and premiering to 1.8 million viewers in the UK alone. This highly-anticipated drama cements STUDIO as the leader in gripping, provocative television, and is set to become the next talked-about drama,” says STUDIO General Manager Chris Keely.

Following its unprecedented UK success, STUDIO is thrilled to premiere one of the most talked-about shows of the year. The Returned is a supernatural mystery thriller in which a small alpine town is faced with an unexplainable situation: the dead are returning – but this is a homecoming like no other.

In a French town dominated by a huge dam, several men, women and children find themselves in a state of confusion as they attempt to return to their homes. What they do not yet know is that they’ve been dead for years – but why have they come back?

Appearing in human form, the returned are completely unaware of their own fatalities, determined to reclaim their place in the world of the living. However, their arrival coincides with a series of chilling murders which bear a frightful resemblance to the gruesome work of a serial killer from the past.

The Returned stars five-time César Award nominee Anne Consigny, along with Clotilde Hesme (Trois mondes, Les Chansons d’amour), Céline Sallette (House of Tolerance), Guillaume Gouix (Jimmy Riviere), Frédéric Pierrot (Polisse), Pierre Perrier (American Translation, Sexual Chronicles of a French Family) and Yara Pilartz (17 Girls).

Wednesday 16 October at 8pm on STUDIO.


  1. About to watch the final episode of first series.
    What has struck me (and my wife) is the superior quality of the writing (narrative arc and dialogue) compared to the absolute shite described as Australian drama (with a few small exceptions). One can only wonder what the French (or Swedish or Danish) would have thought of Underbelly or whatver that crap set in Wollongong with Shane Burne was called. It truly is chalk and cheese.
    Add the cinematography and the acting and Les Revanants is one of the best things on tv in 2013.

  2. Was in the UK this summer and this was certainly a big deal. People were talking about it in pubs and restaurants, even teens. Had a nation watching and talking, not bad for a show with sub titles. Cant wait for series two.

  3. Beautifully filmed, this show will grip you from the first few minutes. Moody Mogwai score. Weird setting.
    Great companion piece to SBS2’s “In The Flesh”, both disturbing, both set in country towns, both about loss and the return of loved ones. George Romero fest, this ain’t.

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