Alan Kohler quits Inside Business

Alan Kohler has decided to discontinue his ABC business show, ending in December after 12 years.

2013-09-30_1444_001ABC’s Sunday morning business program, Inside Business, will finish up in December after 12 years after host Alan Kohler has decided to discontinue the program.

“It’s been tremendously rewarding presenting Inside Business for the past 12 years, working with some wonderful people at the ABC and interviewing Australia’s CEOs, some of them many times. But it’s time now to reduce my workload so I’m afraid it must end, although I’m keen to continue working with ABC,” he said.

Next year sports discussion program Offsiders, will go to air straight after Insiders at 10am.

ABC News Head of Current Affairs Bruce Belsham says the ABC remains committed to strong business coverage.

“We will continue to work with Alan on a range of business content,” he said. “ Through our wide range of in depth business reporting across all platforms and through programs like The Business and Business Today, we will continue to serve ABC audiences well with business news and analysis, and we will continue to explore new ways of delivering on this commitment.”

Kohler will continue with the ABC through his nightly market reports on the 7pm ABC News.

The last broadcast of Inside Business will air on Sunday, December 1.

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  1. Seems a little strange that the entire show has to go with him. ABC Melbourne have a whole army of business reporters that could do this gig. Looks like they’re just handing viewers over to Financial Review Sunday now… But I won’t be one of them. Sampled it – too light weight.

  2. Although I haven’t been a big fan of business type shows over the years (not my cup-of-tea), I have been grabbing more and more of Inside Business lately for some reason. I do watch Offsiders that follows, and have been tuning into this earlier and earlier of late. Will be sad to see this go.

    I wonder if Barry Cassidy will be hosting Insiders and Offsiders back-to-back next year, with Offsiders being at an earlier time.

  3. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!, I have really enjoyed Alan Kohler hosting Inside Business, Alan also owns or co-owns the online business publication The Business Spectator so that could be contributing to this as well as his age. I thought that maybe someone else could replace him maybe The Business’s Ticky Fullerton also enjoyed her hosting duties on that show weeknightly at 8pm central. Really will be the end to some extent an end of an era.

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