Axed: Army Wives

Army Wives, which has previously screened in Australia on TEN, will not be returning for an eighth season.

2013-09-25_1050US drama Army Wives, which has previously screened in Australia on TEN and SoHo, will not be returning for an eighth season after being axed by cable channel Lifetime in the US.

The series followed a group of women living with their spouses and families on an active US Army post and featured Catherine Bell, Kim Delaney, Sally Pressman, Wendy Davis, Brigid Brannagh and Kelli Williams.

“There is no denying how special Army Wives has been to both Lifetime and the television landscape,” said Rob Sharenow, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Lifetime, in a statement.

“By taking on a very relevant and timely issue, it has brilliantly captured the challenges our military families endure and the bravery they and their loved ones display while serving our country.

“It has been an honor to be the home of Army Wives,” he said. “We also want to thank Army Wives’ passionate legion of fans and everyone involved with the series: ABC Studios, Mark Gordon and Jeff Melvoin, Tanya Biank, every single cast member, as well as the crew and community of Charleston, South Carolina. Without their dedication, effort and loyalty, Army Wives’ seven wonderful seasons would not have been possible; and for that we are very grateful.”

Source: EW

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  1. They really took a mis-step during the season 6 final ep and then struggled to get back on track from there. Once the original cast started leaving in droves it was just a matter of time, pity as some of the new additions were good. However most of the good storylines had already been done in the ftrst 6 seasons so there was nothing for the new cast to take on.

  2. @ ryan – my guess would be that unlike Seven or Nine whose poor performers that have a target audience of women that were bumped to a sister channel with a similar target audience, Ten’s sister channels are aimed at men (One) and tweens (Eleven) and so had no where for it to go except to SoHo (where it is currently airing its final season).

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