Dear TEN, please stop shuffling the same faces on the same shows?

2013-09-21_0033I have no idea what’s going on with guest casting on TEN shows, but I keep seeing the same people on their shows: The Project, This Week Live, A League of their Own (and it’s not just because Tommy Little is hosting 2 of them).

It’s been like a giant lazy susan lately.

So far Peter Helliar has appeared on all three shows.

Kitty Flanagan has been on The Project and This Week Live. Lehmo has done Project and League of their Own.

On Monday’s episode of A League of their Own we have The Project‘s Dave Hughes plus comedian Joel Creasy, who was just on This Week Live.

I also saw Brooke Satchwell interviewed on This Week Live straight after watching Wonderland.

Am I going insaaaaaaane or what?

Please make a decision about which artist is aligned with which show and leave them there for a while.

Or just read some old synopses of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation for a quick refresher on diverse, surprising casting:

Lorraine Bayly, Craig McLachlan, Jay Ryan
Judith McGrath, Todd Woodbridge, Danny Clayton
Basil Brush, Joe Hockey, Jolene Anderson
Mary Coustas, Stephen K. Amos, Jodi Gordon
HG Nelson, Claudia Karvan, Josh Lawson
Barry Crocker, Chris Cheney, Felicity Ward
John Blackman, Kate Langbroek, Sophie Monk
Cornelia Frances, Jimeoin, Natalie Tran
Leo Sayer, Kimberly Davies, Scott McGregor
Peter Berner, Darren Hayes, Maude Garrett
Georgie Parker, Julian Morrow, Matthew Mitcham


  1. Ugh I couldn’t agree more! I really don’t like seeing Lehmo everywhere!

    “Jennome September 21, 2013 at 11:12 am –
    Dave Hughes .. Dave Hughes … Dave Hughes … Dave Everywhere. I couldn’t agree more, the same old faces everywhere. And expected to be funny all the time, which is a ridiculous expectation.
    It’s not as if there aren’t thousands of eager people desperate to be on television. Some of them might actually be good.”

    I agree with Jennome in a sense but with Lehmo!

  2. just another point – I did switch over to a league of their own because I wanted to see how disastrous it was going to be, I wasnt wrong… but I did notice Peter Helliar, dressed like a complete and utter slob …. unkept wearing flannel …….

    not a good impression ……..

  3. Pardon me please if I seem naive, uneducated, sceptical or even cynical, or could this actually be a situation of ” payment in kind” for the pre-election anti government of the day innuendo, snide comments repeated over and over again, with non deniable ” Hours and Hours of Footage Editing” accompanied by seemingly pre-requisite embarrassing commentary by all these now in popular demand as so called celebrities,
    Citing only one of many many examples, ‘Just how many times did these so called celebrities, enjoyably add enthusiastic commentary to the endless replays of our PM Ms Julia Gillard falling after stepping into soft ground whilst wearing high heels’ , like it has not happened to so many others, especially during special Turfing/Race Days/Carnivals experiencing exactly the same misfortune, “May you all suffer as much as Ms Gillard has done”

  4. I remember making the same comments about 9 around the time of the last Olympics. I don’t see this as just a ‘Ten’ issue but until our broadcasters decide to offer something completely fresh and new that will naturally draw upon new talent, I think Oz television is stuck with this problem. I will watch tonight because I want to support Kurt Fearnley who is an inspiring guy and at least relatively fresh talent (on TV).

  5. This is the reason why I have not sampled This week live. Once I heard who was on it I could not be bothered. Not because I don’t like them but a case of not them again. We need the next generation of comedians to give us something fresh.

  6. @Shazz, I thinl if you have a look at the comedy clubs, pubs and even theatre in Australia we have boundless talent that is just looking for a break. 10 are just lazy.

  7. Dave Hughes .. Dave Hughes … Dave Hughes … Dave Everywhere. I couldn’t agree more, the same old faces everywhere. And expected to be funny all the time, which is a ridiculous expectation.

    It’s not as if there aren’t thousands of eager people desperate to be on television. Some of them might actually be good.

  8. To be realistic does Australia even have the population base to support a huge variety of ‘talent’? Much of our best talent goes to the USA, so in reality I don’t think we simply have enough people to spread around all the content without repetition.

  9. There is one innocent and nostalgic part of me which loves the idea of seeing people appearing on each other’s shows. This comes from my Adelaide childhood, at a time when that city managed to have one claim to media prowess in the form of producing children’s television. Every kid I knew watched the local afternoon show ‘The Channel Niners’ (which, in 1986, became the national show ‘C’mon Kids’), and the casts of that show, ‘The Curiosity Show’ and ‘Here’s Humphrey’ were forever appearing on each other’s programs, giving a real sense of community.

    However, in 2013, when local television is all but a memory wherever you live, I have to agree that it just seems lazy and unresourceful to keep seeing all the same faces on all the network’s shows.

  10. Roving/Token have had an unhealthy stranglehold on Network Ten for most of this century, forcing the same talent and bland ideas onto audiences. This agenda has currently resulted in Tommy Little (who is being groomed as the next Rove) currently hosting 2 shows that aren’t rating. The quantity over quality approach has also hurt the potential of some of this talent. Dave Hughes has some of the ingredients of a young Paul Hogan but is so overexposed he wouldnt have the time to develop the next big TV show or film. While the same talent management/production company/agenda continue to dominate Ten’s schedule, the next Denton, Working Dog and Micallef will never be discovered. As a side note, Token talent are made up of Stand Ups. Denton, Working Dog and Micallef are not stand ups. To your point about Talkin’ bout your generation – this was produced by Granada. The audience and the…

  11. Lehmo does Before the Game, as does Dave Hughes. Pete was once a BTG staple, now only on as a guest (generally as Strauchanie). So add Before the Game to the list!!

  12. Couldn’t agree more, I think someone touched on it the other day. Are 10 aligned with one casting agency? Some of this talent are interchangeable anyway. The problem for me is I find them funny but then I see them everywhere and I get sick of them so turn off when they’re on.

  13. Very good point, David.
    I’ve been saying the same thing recently. The same person is booking guests for both shows
    (project and TWL) which is why there is so much lazy recycling. It’s all very inbred.

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