Fans blast FOX8 over Ravenswood and The Originals

2013-09-25_1207Some Foxtel viewers were confused and angry over conflicting information about the fate of upcoming television shows Ravenswood and The Originals, a spin-off of The Vampire Diaires.

On their Facebook page FOX8 first told followers:

“Unfortunately The Originals and Ravenswood will not be shown on FOX8 due to restrictions in our scheduling. We just didn’t have the space for them. If anything changes we will let all our fans know as soon as possible.”

But after disappointed fans left messages in response:

  • thats bull how are we ment to see then now? you better be having the whole of Season 5 of Vampire Diaries showing!! or youll have plenty of mad people complainin
  • That sucks! How about just not repeating the same shows a million times?!? I’ve been waiting for the originals
  • Cant let 2 new shows that people want to see get in the way of ten year old endless replays of the simpsons.
  • Tjats a shit excuse !…take all the repears off and slot in the new shows …its not rocket science heh !!!!…im sick of paying $200 a month to watch the same old shows !
  • So will you lower my bill cause your cutting shows to repeat the Simpsons?
  • Wrestling.. Police.. The top 20 countdowns.. repeats of Bones, Modern Family and Animation Domination and let’s not forget these horrendous reality TV shows like ANTM and The Face and now The Recruit.. and Fox8 can’t air two of the most anticipated shows for 2013. I think Fox8 may want to adjust their scheduling!!!!
  • Don’t have time in the schedule? What does that even mean? WTF! Stop the repeats and put on The Originals! Way to ruin a person’s day with this news!

That led to a follow-up FOX8 message:

“Hi Everyone, we can understand and appreciate your disappointment. We really wanted the shows as well however due to circumstances out of our control we were unable to secure them.”

Yesterday a FOX8 spokesperson confirmed to TV Tonight:

“Nope, these are not Foxtel shows. They have gone to Ch 9 as part of their output deal with WB.”

Standby for more viewer feedback….


  1. everyone have a deep breath, every heard of foxtel having channel 7,9, 10, etc on there programming so foxtel will still have it but it won’t be on fox8. you guys can record it if you have IQ, so before you have a go at fox 8 remember you won’t miss out as long as it is not on at the same time as the vampire diaries, if it is i will be angry but i can record it or watch the vampire diaries when it is on fox8+2 on channel 150 so everyone stay calm.

  2. I can see Nine airing Ravenswood at the same time as Pretty Little Liars and The Originals when The Vampire Diaries are on, so that way they can justify selling the shows off when they don’t do too well.

    I won’t be watching these shows, only because no matter how many times I rescan my TV, reset the settings etc, I still can not get Nine or Ten. And this is despite wasting $120 buying a brand new aerial.

  3. whats the point of nine getting these spins off when most people really haven’t seen the original shows plus nine/Go aired the vampire diaries & pretty little liars before they didnt last long then foxtel picked them up so whats so sure that channel 9 this time are going to treat these shows fairly & as i guy i only watched some of the vampire diaries is because nina dobrev & at the time i was disappointed when nine/GO moved it to midnight before taking it off

  4. Foxtel were expecting Nine to on-sell the shows to them, but Nine has decided to keep them, (probably for Go!), to try and boost their share ahead of the float in couple of months.

    Nothing Foxtel can do about it.

    One of them along the line, who was told to post on Facebook that they wouldn’t be shown, thought they’d be clever and make up a reason without considering what it meant and pissed people off.

    The dangers of social media and letting lowly paid staff represent you to the world.

  5. Armchair Analyst

    Interesting isnt it. Nine has these types of show and then sells them on to Foxtel. Now Nine seemingly buying them back. This story is perfect with the story on David Mott starting at Nine. I think if David wants to show that he has seen things from a different point of view then if he does get a programing job he needs to put these two shows on GO!. I remember when he was at TEN he gave shows like Dawsons Creek (now replaying on Plus7), Charmed, The OC and Smallville a decent GO!. Its kind of ironic because Nine dumped the OC and Smallville then it was wisely picked up by TEN. I think the reason why Nine dumped VD and PLL is because they didnt really want to reach a youth demo. They have always been obsesed with older demos.

  6. Not that I care but I think it would be safe to say that Nine will play out season one of The Originals and Ravenswood on GO! sometime in 2014.. build a cult following, then shaft them off to Foxtel as they’ll get in the way of all the Big Bang and reality show repeats.

    If I were those complaining, I wouldn’t be cancelling my Foxtel subscription just yet..

  7. Since both original shows started on Nine/Go & got treated badly I highly doubt it will be long before FOX8 finds room in the schedule for them when it gets passed on to them. At least a channel here has picked them up. I hope fans of those shows get them treated well & don’t have to chase them around channels & strange timeslots

  8. These output deals need to go. Whoever has the biggest pile of cash gets the show. Then they can on sell it to other networks after they have screened it. Maybe FTA is worried they will loose all their shows to Foxtel. It would make the $100 a month worth it if we could see shows like S.H.I.E.L.D in hd and express from the US on the same day or next.

  9. Channel Nine will treat them as badly as they do with shows that end up being on-sold to Foxtel or shafted to late night on GO!.
    Wouldn’t be suprised if they end up on Foxtel in the second seasons.

  10. not worried its not on foxtel , but I hope Nine put it on a good time, probably on GO, I hope they don’t sell it on , like they did with the Vampire Dairies,we will see ……

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