Footy Show gives Nine the night

Ratings: The Footy Show edition tops night, but more headaches for TEN.

FootyShows09_354The Footy Show  topped Thursday’s ratings with 1.2m viewers, with 557,000 of them in Melbourne glued to the grand final edition of the AFL show.

That helped Nine to win Thursday night.

But it was more bad news over at TEN, with continued problems from 8:30pm. Wanted‘s finale was 422,000 while Revealed sank to a disastrous 164,000 viewers – last in its slot and lower than Scope at 4pm. This week’s network share is going to be one ugly number.

Nine won with a 35.2% network share then Seven 25.8%, ABC 17.7% then 15.3% and SBS 6.0%.

Nine News won its slot with 1.2m viewers for Nine followed by A Current Affair (956,000), Big Brother (817,000) and Hot Seat (601,000).

Seven News (1.15m) was best for Seven then Today Tonight (944,000), Home and Away (886,000), How I Met Your Mother (677,000), Million Dollar Minute (572,000) and Movie: The Change Up (455,000).

ABC News (898,000) topped ABC1 then 7:30 (684,000), Upper Middle Bogan (673,000), Catalyst (623,000), It’s a Date (522,000), Restoration Home and Would I Lie to You? both on 325,000.

TEN had another poor night with Save with Jamie their best on 614,000. TEN Eyewitness News (574,000) was next then The Project (529,000). Trailing The Bold and the Beautiful were Wanted (422,000), The Simpsons (309,000) and Revealed (164,000).

Heston’s Fantastical Foods (271,000) led SBS ONE then Vikings (251,000), Destination Flavour (180,000), and World News Australia (160,000).

ABC2’s The Hive topped multichannels with 311,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 26 September 2013.

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  1. 257,000 is for the NRL Footy Show in Sydney, not the AFL Footy Show that was on in NSW around 10:30-11pm.! And it was on Nine, not SBS. Not bad?! Oh, I’m in NSW so this isn’t an AFL v NRL thing. It’s a numbers thing.

  2. I watched Revealed last night for the Jana Pitman interview & was disappointed the Hugh Rimminton wasn’t the interviewer. It was still a good interview but I thought that this was Hugh’s show. Obviously he is just hosting…what a waste of talent.
    Especially as he is the only male host of a current affairs show in this country.

  3. @ hannigans_heroes I too agree that 10 are trying different things, sadly it doesn’t seem to be working.

    I too am bored with want 7 and 9 have to offer. I think more people with OZTAM recording devices are finding other means of entertainment. Number have been steadily decreasing for a while. I use H&A as a measure, plus more shows drama and reality struggle to crack the million more frequently (I know multi-channels has affected this and downloads), summer will make it worse….

    If people are bored with the 10 negativity, try not to let it affect you, sadly the results speak for them selves. David often neglects to rate Thursdays as they are a “dead” night in terms of ratings news. So appreciate he has reported and try not to read things that are not there.

    Enjoy the weekend people.

  4. I’ve always been a fan of Sam Newman on the AFL Footy Show, but I’m getting a bit sick of the way they belittle people with mental illness, intellectual disability etc. Such a pity that this is the only way they can get a laugh. Their were some very talented performers in the Player Review, but my god, how up themselves some of these players are.

  5. Good to see The Footy Show end on a high in Melbourne. A shame though that its not rating as high in Sydney.

    David, any idea how The Footy Show ”Late” rated by any chance? Only asking because it started early in Sydney last night, immediately after the NRL show, instead of waiting for an hour to watch it. Just curious

  6. “Seven and Ten weren’t too different Thursday”. Yeah, right.
    Between 6:30pm & 10pm 7 dropped from 944K to 455K. 10 dropped from 529K to 162K
    7 10
    6:30 944 529
    7 886 529
    7:30 886 614
    8 677 614
    8:30 455 422
    9:30 455 162

  7. Wanted and Revealed is supposed to be big parts of the ten schedule…same with Big Brother and The Footy Shows on 9

    7 post Home and Away on thursdays is pretty much where they put lower ranking shows. Doubt they would worry much if a movie rated terribly.

  8. “Seven News carries the nightly share for them”.
    But wasn’t Nine News higher than Seven News, overall?.NIne News 1,196,000 Seven News 1,149,000
    “Which is why in the U.S – it generally doesn’t rate a mention due to it’s insignificance with advertisers”.
    Well, this isn’t the US, and advertising in the News has always attracted a premium on rates. Well, it did when I was advertising. An ad. in 7 or 9 News gets over 1m sets of eyes. In “Wanted”, e.g., less than half that. I know where I want my ad. It’s called CPM.

  9. Yeah, getting a bit over the Channel Ten negativity here. I agree with Ditto, that Seven and Nine’s numbers are definitely boosted by their news ratings because otherwise Seven and Ten weren’t too different Thursday except for Revealed’s dismal figures.

    At least Channel Ten is trying new strategies and shows, and attempting to rebrand while Seven and Nine seem stuck in their predictable programming choices. Good on em, and I hope it starts to work out better for them 🙂

    And Benji77, I’m not a Ten employee either before you ask.

  10. On the ABC, Bogan and Date have been really good television – last night in particular. It’s a shame they’re not being seen by more people – but time-shifting and iView will scare up more eyeballs.

  11. It’s not like after 12 episodes Wanted was suddenly going to strike gold for Ten. Pleased to see it renewed – they have improved the format throughout the series and have come up with a quality show. Hopefully next year Ten will get a bit of momentum in the right direction and more people will tune into Wanted.

    Revealed on the other hand is wasting Hugh Riminton’s talents. One local story per episode followed by US filler is rubbish, especially when the local story is about career publicity seeker, Jana Pittman.

  12. @ditto – “Whopping great numbers for Footy Show!” – in Melbourne. Poor result in Sydney, as noted in the story.
    “455 for The Change Up – good number”. If you say so. The story doesn’t say that.

  13. 614 for Jamie – bad number
    667 for HIMYM – good number

    422 for Wanted – bad number
    455 for The Change Up – good number

    Seven News carries the nightly share for them. Which is why in the U.S – it generally doesn’t rate a mention due to it’s insignificance with advertisers.

    The only good night last night was Nine’s. Whopping great numbers for Footy Show!

    *good numbers refers in this instance – to good enough to not be worth a mention

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