Gallery: Farewell Dance Academy

We've had three seasons of this award-winning teen series, but now a final bow.

dance_academy_group_Tomorrow ABC3 farewells its award-winning teen series Dance Academy.

We’ve had three seasons of this wonderful series set at the National Academy of Dance, combining dance sequences with drama and a bright, young cast.

During that time the show has tackled topics such as self-esteem, peer group pressure, teen crushes, failure, death, homosexuality, exams, brushes with the law, breakdowns and more…

Along the way it has won Logies, Australian Directors Guild Awards, AWGIE Awards, Kidscreen Awards, and been nominated at the  International Emmys, AFI Awards, Seoul International Drama Awards, Banff World Media Festival, Hugo Television Awards and Asian Television Awards.

Dance Academy now has fans all over the world, having been sold to over 180 territories including  Germany, France, Italy, Spain and throughout Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.

It concludes with a double episode at 6pm tomorrow on ABC3.dance_academy_3_

Dance Academy

Dance Academy 2 Episode 24 Tara (Xenia Goodwin)

Dance Academy


Dance Academy Series 2





Dance Academy




9 Responses

  1. I watched an episode of it in June 2012 and I was blown away at how exceptional and fearless the whole crew were.
    They really delve into the big issues in this show, most which are relevant to teenagers, and they don’t sweep it under the carpet and pretend everything is completely perfect. Some of the issues were peep group pressure, failure, teen crushes and even death and sexuality had a look in.

    It is quality TV drama, and it will be missed. Well done ABC, ZDF and Screen Australia for this wonderful series, and it has set the bar high for future teen dramas produced in Australia.

  2. I only knew about this show after watching Camp..as most of the cast actually star in the NBC series along side Rachel Griffiths.

    It would be interesting to see if NBC actually give this show the green light for another series as its ratings hasn’t exactly wow’d too many people.

    (An American summer camp filmed in Australia full of Australian cast members, not exactly convincing though an okay-ish out of ratings 10-week gap filler)

  3. I love Dance Academy and am sad to see it go. It’s an excellent show. As a 23 year old I often think I’m probably too old for it, but I really enjoy it. Glad to see I’m not the only one! Farewell DA. Really looking forward to tomorrow’s finale.

  4. Dance Academy is my guilty pleasure too. Although I actually know quite a few people in the 20–30 year old bracket who love the show.

    Congratulations to everyone involved – what a remarkable achievement.

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