Gruen, 7:30, ABC News and Hamster all win timeslots

7gruenIt was another low-rating weeknight last night but there was good news for ABC1.

Gruen Planet was the only entertainment show over the magic million, pulling 1.02m viewers and winning its timeslot.

7:30 -which is enjoying excellent figures this week- even won its timeslot, as did ABC News and the final episode of The Hamster Decides.

This suggests viewers are uninspired with alternative and lightweight choices and are flocking to shows that leave them with something to think about.

Nevertheless, Seven won the night with a network share of 29.7% then Nine 25.8%, ABC 21.2%, TEN 18.4% and SBS 5.0%.

Seven News was 1.15m for Seven then Today Tonight (965,000), Home and Away (889,000), SlideShow (868,000),  Malcolm Naden: Australia’s Most Hunted (709,000), Highway Patrol (478,000) and Deal or No Deal (446,000).

Nine News (1.19m) topped the night for Nine then A Current Affair (977,000), Big Brother (805,000 / 800,000), Hot Seat (635,000) and Arrow (619,000 / 449,000).

Gruen Planet (1.02m) was best for ABC1 then 7:30 (942,000), ABC News (898,000), Qi (840,000), The Hamster Decides (803,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (429,000).

Wonderland (607,000) led TEN followed by The Project (606,000), TEN News (597,000 ), Modern Family (490,000 / 480,000). The Simpsons was 367,000 but This Week Live was just 282,000.

Charlie Boorman’s Extreme Frontiers (205,000) topped SBS ONE followed by World News Australia (174,000), Terry Pratchett: Facing Extinction (172,000) and The Killing (131,000).

Neighbours was best on multichannels with 295,000.

Sunrise: 357,000
Today: 298,000
ABC News Breakfast: 70,000 / 48,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 11 September 2013.


  1. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Gruen Planet this year and was thinking the same about how it gives you something to think about. It’s intelligent discussion with a healthy dose of humour makes the show so enjoyable. The sort of show that only the ABC can do so well as opposed to the lowest common denominator stuff on the commercial networks. Let’s hope the Lib government don’t mess with the ABC like the last time they were in office and we continue to get great shows like this.

  2. The ABC is winning fans simply because they have the serious News and Current Affairs and comedy market to themselves. The mains 3 networks are all slight variations of each other. The ABC really has a point of difference and people are liking it. Good on them.

  3. @David Knox – well at least it beat Bogan Pride.

    Can we finally admit the obvious – that Please Like Me just isn’t that good. I know a few bloggers in the US gave it good reviews, but did anybody anywhere on planet Earth actually watch the show?

  4. Armchair Analyst

    At the moment the only good thing about new TEN shows is there graphics package and promos. For those calling on TEN and other Networks to change and shift shows around please stop it. When the Networks do you criticise them and now when they dont apparently thats bad aswell. Make up your minds. If these new shows get new seasons depending on how they do then i am sure the Networks will get there act together and put in a time slot that will reap dividends.

  5. Hamster has been really good this run. Less gimmicky following the politicians around and ambushing them stuff, and more biting satire from the studio. Well done guys.

  6. It will be interesting to see how Million Dollar Minute goes against Nine. I hope Seven give it time to get up and running. But it is clear something needs to be done.

  7. How did Please Like Me do on ABC1? I get the impression the ABC are now going to hype the show, given that they’ve just co-invested in a second series.

    I still don’t think anyone is going to watch it, not because of its subject matter, but because it’s Generation Y mumblecore comedy.

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