Hamish MacDonald quits TEN

TEN presenter announces his departure after 3 years with the network.

hamcdHamish MacDonald has announced via Twitter he is leaving TEN.

MacDonald joined TEN in November 2010 as a former Al Jazeera correspondent.

During his time with the network he has worked on TEN News, The Project, fronted The Truth Is and TEN Late News.



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  1. I guess the final straw was when he was told he’d better participate in that woeful The Bachelor promo or else.

    Ten should look at how Seven has successfully promoted DWTS. The scenes with the DWTS contestants on the H& A set and Tina Arena playing it up on X factor are fun.

    Compare that to Ten who had ex partners Commando and Michelle Bridges ‘sharing the love’ on that Bachelor promo.

    And Russell Howcroft is allegedly the marketing guru Ten hired to fix the mess they are in?

    I’d hire David Knox over Russell in a heartbeat.

    Won’t be long before Hamish is on TV again. ABC, SBS or an international news agency will snap him up in a nanosecond.

    Much too good for that crap Late News on Ten.

  2. Poor diddums! I wonder what the truth really is? Channel ten should face facts. It ain’t a news current affairs station and never will be. The hiring of meakin is like hiring bradman to run a netball team. Good for meakin but he really has hit the gravel road. Ten is simpsons not soul searching current affairs. Get your house in order or get off the street! What bloody jokes.

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