Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery: Sept 18

jzhdJulia Zemiro’s Home Delivery kicks off on ABC1 next week as she accompanies comedians back to the homes they were raised in and uncovers events that have shaped them.

First up is Spicks and Specks star Alan Brough in New Zealand.

Shot completely on location, each journey begins with Julia picking up the guest. From there they travel through time – or on the bus, whichever is quicker – to the guest’s childhood home.

At the childhood home, the guest has a moment to consider the directions life has taken, the paths that have been wandered. Then they take Julia on an adventure; past old hang outs, past scraped knees, primary schools and first kisses.

Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery is intimate, natural and revealing. It shows that our pasts, our presents and our futures are all there inside us, just waiting to come out.

Wednesday September 18 at 9.05pm on ABC1


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