Late List: August results

The number of late shows in August doubled on those of July, with Nine the worst offender.

2012-09-05_1442In August there were 85 entries filed by readers on the TV Tonight Late List, almost double 44 in July.

Nine dominated the list, more than twice any of its rivals, most likely due to late changes in its schedule because of AFL breaking news. This month TEN managed took second place over Seven.

Nine: 39
TEN: 21
Seven: 17
ABC: 7
Other: 1
Foxtel: 0
SBS: 0

Amongst the filed entries were:

Footy Classified Advertised time: 9:30pm / Actual 9:41pm
The Big Bang Theory Advertised time: 9:30pm / Actual 9:57pm
The Great Australian Bakeoff Advertised time: 8:30pm / Actual 9:44pm
Underbelly Squizzy Advertised time: 9:00pm / Actual 9:15pm
The Amazing 80s Advertised time: 8:30pm / Actual 8:41pm
Offspring Advertised time: 8:30pm / Actual 8:36pm
This Week Live Advertised time: 9:30pm / Actual 9:40pm
Wonderland Advertised time: 8:30pm / Actual 8:35pm
Bones Advertised time: 8:39pm / Actual 8:54pm
The Morning Show Advertised time: 9:00pm / Actual 9:08pm
Winners and Losers Advertised time: 8:40pm / Actual 9:03pm
Adam Hills Tonight Advertised time: 8:32pm / Actual 8:37pm
Lateline Advertised time: 10:35pm / Actual 10:43pm

You can file an entry here.

NB: The Late List is a crowd-sourcing trial and is not scientifically conducted. It relies on the trust of readers to resource information.

12 Responses

  1. I think that a program running about five to ten minutes late is acceptable (to me), but when you’re waiting longer than that (27 mins TBBT and 23 mins W&L) for a program to start…I would have well and truly given up by then, no matter how good the show!!

    Mellie0105 – I’ve been adding about 30 mins before the start of some shows and also recording the program after it.

  2. @William, tonight my EPG had Upper Middle Bogan now starting at 8.34 instead of 8.30. It started at 8.37. My EPG has never had Footy Classified updated to 9.30 probably because 9 makes the switch half hour before it starts.
    So no you can’t go by EPGs and the blame is for arrogant/incompetent networks to which ABC now seems to have joined the rest.

  3. It may have come from commercial radio – Kyle and jackie on 2day don’t end until around 920 – i assume a ploy to stop people turning to the talk back kings. I may have posted before but back in the day went to taping of hey hey in Richmond and it was timed to minute to make sure done by 830 on the nose. Now there is just no respect for the viewer and it was a trend started by footy shows which just seemed to go well over advertised times. Someone needs to step in (acma) and start issuing fines for misleading conduct

  4. and the commercial FTA’s wonder why so many viewers are either going to Foxtel or sourcing their entertainment online. Hopeless, they treat their ‘customers’ like shit especially when you add in all the promo supers littering the screen space.

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