Low key start for TEN’s return to current affairs

RevealedTEN’s low-key return to current affairs last night with Revealed hosted by Hugh Riminton pulled a low audience last night, just 252,000 viewers and beaten by SBS.

The decision to air the show in a 9:30 Thursday timeslot was indicative that the network was not looking to make a big splash (it had previously aired Hamish MacDonald’s series in an 8:30 Monday slot). It’s going to take time to find an audience. But in television one should always be trying to flow and an audience from one show to the next, and Revealed lost a pile of viewers from Law and Order: SVU‘s 592,000 viewers.  Might it be better served on a Sunday morning? The show didn’t even rate a mention in TEN’s daily ratings release today.

TEN wasn’t alone with the bad news last night with Seven also languishing from 9pm.

Nine network won the night with a share of 30.8% then Seven 27.0%, ABC 18.6%, TEN 17.1% and SBS 6.4%.

Nine News was 1.18m for Nine then A Current Affair (940,000), The Footy Show (846,000), Big Brother (806,000) and Hot Seat (694,000).

Seven News topped the night for Seven with 1.19m viewers then Today Tonight (990,000), Home and Away (891,000), Dynamo: Magician Impossible (778,000), Deal or No Deal (503,000), Please Marry My Boy (458,000) and Formal Wars (351,000).

ABC News again won its timeslot with 920,000 viewers. Next for ABC1 were 7:30 (769,000), Upper Middle Bogan (687,000), Catalyst (671,000), It’s a Date (584,000) and Would I Lie to You? (362,000).

TEN had a tough night unable to rise above TEN News (615,000). Law & Order: SVU was 592,000, Save with Jamie was 540,000, The Project was 529,000, The Bold and the Beautiful was 439,000, The Simpsons was 305,000 and Revealed was 252,000.

Heston’s Fantastical Food (319,000) topped SBS ONE then Vikings (302,000), Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation (217,000) and World News Australia (194,000).

Big Bang Theory (350,000 / 317,000) was best on multichannels.

Nine’s Afternoon News: 234,000
Seven News at 4: 224,000
Nine News Now: 89,000
The Daily Edition: 89,000

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 12 September 2013


  1. I seem to remember reading a lengthy article about Revealed in one of the papers on the date that it was to air. I’m not saying Revealed didn’t rate well because of it, but if you’ve read the entire episode why would you watch it if you know what will be discussed??

  2. I like the idea of serious current affairs on TEN. Perhaps they can drop that smartarse, flip nonsense The Project and Late News and take the genre seriously at long last. We are not interested in the latest nonsense on Twitter or celebrity goss. And as for fake YouTube videos about “twerking”? God give me strength.

  3. Revealed was good but they need more Australian content, at least 2 Australian stories. Hugh is a great storyteller. He tells the story rather than makes himself part of the story which I found a massive turn off with Hamish Macdonald on The Truth Is, Assamge & Bikie Wars.

  4. Full Disclosure: I am no fan of Peter Heliar. That said, ‘Date’ was really good again last night; it’s a shame more people aren’t sticking around for it after ‘Bogan’.

  5. I genuinely get the feeling senior management want the death of Channel 10. Week after week they make horrible choices that everyone even on here can notice as absurd.

    If the general punters can see the problems then what chances do they really have?


  6. Channel 10 needs to rebrand and relaunch with all their new shows starting the same week. spend a month or so running lots of promo ads for the network then have a huge opening night gala featuring interviews with various network personalities.

  7. Ten have been airing promos for Revealed over the past week constantly. I have also being noticing that as well with The Project with it almost hitting 700,000s. Maybe people are starting to get the message about TT and ACA which there is not much humour compared to The Project

  8. The reality is(to pardon the pun) that this show is unlikely to work for a number of reasons – 1) the oversupply of really bad reality television is alienating the fta audience 2) ten still has a damaged brand from the past few years and 3) there is still solid competition on other channels – there is Vikings which beat this program …… so again ten has come in 4th ……

    ten – seems as though the project is now dragging you down …. why don’t you try this on monday night at 7pm and get the baby boomers … … also … a combination of the project and this new sports talk show … not a good mix ….. it will likely tank …. bachelor is set to tank because it is just so bad and ….. because it has failed on tv once before on 9…. history will repeat itself …

    Why not also put wonderland on monday night at 830 …. it really is a good program and a shame if you can this…

    • Not sure the answer is to simply reshuffle shows, this tends to diminish viewer faith rather than boost it. The Project has actually been performing well of late. It was TEN’s best show on Monday. Also lifting numbers after 7pm and improving in demos.

  9. I flicked to it in its second half hour when I realised it was on…at it was just US stories…..Just not interested in that. Poor effort Ten. Maybe next week I will watch from the start and see Hugh!

  10. If it wasn’t for the ABC at 8:30 there was nothing that interested me. People will watch if they think it is entertaining (to them) and keeps a consistent time slot!
    ABC succeeds because they may have a variety of shows, but the type of show in the time slot is similar. It is all about Branding!

  11. bettestreep2008

    Bogues – Ten has devoted all it’s promotion money on The Bachelor and It’s a Knockout with Pat Cash.

    I watched it last night because I like Hugh Rimington. It was basically one Australlian story and then two stories from America’s 60 minutes (I think).

    This is only a filler program and will eventually be replaced by repeats of Modern Family….. or maybe The Devil Wears Prada???

  12. I recorded it and watched it this morning. Again not a bad show like Wanted but its on that network called TEN and its a network that is so badly tarnished that people just don’t watch much anymore and whats more, i didn’t see one ad for this show when i was watching TEN during the week either, mind you i only watched Wonderland and Under The Dome.

  13. The title tells you nothing. If it was “Revealed, with Hugh Riminton” then most people would, presumably, understand that it was a news/current affairs program.

  14. Didn’t mind Revealed, except for the US stories. Hugh is a great talent for Ten. Agreed that the show would be better suited to a Sunday morning line-up and maybe having its stories featured on Ten News or The Project every now and then. Hope Ten stick with it.

  15. Perhaps its just me being a bit busy of late, but I haven’t seen any advertising for this programme at all. Conversely, I have seen more than enough for The Bachelor…

  16. Revealed was obviously a poor effort from Ten and the ratings reflected. But 9.30 is no place to be launching a new show these days. In the era of multichannels, timeshifted viewing and other viewing platforms there just seems to be a bigger switch off later in the evening. It can be quite an effort just to get 500,000. I would be sticking to procedurals and established shows at 9.30 and launching the new shows earlier in the evening. But obviously the problem here was mostly the program itself.

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