Million Dollar Minute beats Hot Seat, but A League of Their Own struggles.

Ratings: Seven's new game show launches strong, but TEN's new panel show has a tough premiere.

mdm5Good news for Seven with its first outing of Million Dollar Minute beating Hot Seat by a fair margin.

The Grant Denyer quiz show pulled 811,000 viewers to Hot Seat‘s 674,000. Seven won in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, up from 500,000 for Deal or No Deal last Monday. The numbers reflect a strong marketing campaign for the show, but time will tell if viewers stick beyond an initial curiosity factor. Seven’s show gave away around $25k to its winner while Nine’s was $50k.

Meanwhile TEN had a good relaunch for TEN Eyewitness News on 675,000 (up from 587,000 a week earlier) but a poor start for A League of their Own at just 465,000 viewers.

Seven won the night with a network share of 30.9% then Nine 27.6%, ABC1 21.4%, TEN 15.4% and SBS 4.8%.

Seven News was 1.42m for Seven then The X Factor eliminating Ellie (1.4m), Today Tonight (1.09m), Home and Away (1.05m), Mr Selfridge (834,000 / 570,000), Million Dollar Minute (811,000), Deal or No Deal (390,000). Talking Footy was 124,000 in 3 cities and 30 Rock was 63,000.

Nine News (1.33m) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (1.17m), Big Brother was 999,000 in preliminary figures (but will be adjusted to 1.03m), The Amazing 80s was 809,000, Hot Seat was 674,000, Two and a Half Men was 374,000 / 206,000, Footy Classified was 323,000 in 3 cities, and Big Bang Theory was 276,000 in 2 cities.

Australian Story was top of ABC1’s night at 983,000 viewers, then ABC News (975,000), 7:30 (891,000), Four Corners (765,000), Q & A (705,000), Media Watch (690,000) and Restoration Home (336,000).

TEN Eyewitness News rebranded with 675,000 for TEN. The Project was 621,000. From there the night was weak with Wanted (469,000), A League of their Own (465,000). The Simpsons was 366,000 and Blue Bloods tanked at 215,000.

On SBS ONE it was World News Australia (227,000), Housos season final on 217,000, Beat the Ancestors (206,000) and Out of Control (154,000).

ABC2’s Charlie and Lola (354,000) topped multichannels.

Sunrise: 383,000
Today: 319,000
ABC News Breakfast: 74,000 / 35,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 16 September 2013

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  1. @ -jezza the first original one! OOhhh please !!!!!!!!! Are you serious? I understand constructive criticism but gee you take the cake for over cooking this one! (” I think Ch 10 are finished” “ten are gone”) The Australian Government regardless of Right or Left standings will always ensure 3 FTA Networks in this great country. Chill pills highly recommended.

  2. Agree with 7 news graphics looking bad – they look dated, and even the opening isn’t exciting anymore when you compare it to 9, 10, even SBS! Sunrise and Today Tonight have stronger graphics . . .

  3. I think ch10 are finished, I think they will be a casualty of the digital download era. Even the mighty MC did not really fire this year. Everything they try seems to have a ‘dead cat bounce’. They have some decent shows and also the garbage, but so do the other networks. Ch10 have lost their key audience and seem to have lost them for good. Their Monday share was almost as bad as their Fri/sat share. I am sorry to say it, but they are gone……..time for a Phoenix

  4. @stevet: Agreed. Whoever is running 7’s graphics department these days need to be shown the door – first those awful election night graphics and now this new look for the News.

    I thought MDM was decent, and will get better once the format is familiar. The result re rtainly shows the strength of Seven’s promos department.

  5. So far it looks like ten will can this year, recipe to riches, the bachelor, and a league of their own …. I must have missed out on a few …. are you learning from your mistakes yet ten? doesnt look like it so far …….

  6. I watched a league of their own up until they started throwing “baseballs” with their opposite hand. They had the catcher all padded up so he didn’t get hurt, but he he didn’t need to bother as the contestants were only throwing plastic balls with holes in them, which is why all their throws were so pathetic. From that point on, I knew I couldn’t trust what I would see from the show in the future and switched channels.

  7. it was very similar to Its Academic. only without the kids’ not-so-subtle eye rolling when their teammates stuff up, which was always hilarious.

    If these ratings keep up i’d put money on a convienient coincidence of Hot Seat reaching the million dollar question within a fortnight.

  8. Being an avid gameshow fan, I did overall enjoy this version of “Sale of the century”, my gripes though- not enough questions, a chit chat with each contestant after the breaks ala Jeopardy style, no actual audience but canned clapping felt rather stupid, the final end game not exciting enough, and the fact that someone has to correctly answer 8 million dollar minutes seems almost imposible, what they didnt make clear is a player has to win 8 games in a row and 8 answer 8 end games correctly to get the million.

  9. I tried to watch Million Dollar Minute but it just irritated me. Grant Denyer has all the personality and charisma of a sea sponge. And now he is on 2 shows!!
    And the format! Hyped as a fast paced quiz show it came across as a lame attempt to prolong the agony of winning. What’s with the last segment? How long can you make 5 questions last?

    On the other hand, although a bit rough around the edges, we quite liked A league of their own.

    No wonder networks can figure out what to make.

  10. Our household quite enjoyed a league of their own last night, seemed like good family viewing. Saw a few minutes of million dollar minute at my in-laws and commented that it felt a bit like sale of the century…

  11. MDM had much tougher questions and was fast moving. It is annoying when they rattle off the answer before you can get it though.

    In Hot Seat they only ask 15 questions in 34 minutes, and all but the last few are so easy anyone but the contests can answer them. It is much more friendly and chatty though.

    Which ones wins should be apparent next week.

  12. Million Dollar Minute was just curiosity factor. No curiosity factor for League of their Own. I suppose at least Ten is trying things but really – launching a show on the same night and time as two reality juggernauts is just plain crazy.

  13. Gotta say I was hating BB for the first few weeks but I am now addicted the last 2 weeks of viewing have been so entertaining I think the fact that all the boring housemates are the ones that get evicted really helps. I’m loving Tahan she’s hilarious and Tim’s antics have made the show. And you can’t help but find Tully entertaining.

  14. While waiting to watch boardwalk empire last night I really struggled to find anything I could watch last night. Big Brother, A panel show, A shiny floor talent show, a depressing ABC news show. Had to go to the secondary channels to find something that didn’t make me gag for half and hour. I’m beginning to understand why the nature shows rate. They are calm and relaxing and don’t involved people yelling or screeching at you.

  15. Wanted to check out league of their own, so I hope they rerun it at some other point. I’m too much into watching big brother so wasn’t able to see it (unfortunate that 10 isn’t screening big brother as I’m sure they’d give it more respect too with things like Uplate and maybe a spin off chat show).

  16. If Million Dollar Minute is anything like the awkward segment on Sunrise this morning, I won’t be watching. Even Sam and Kochie were questioning the slowness of the questions, and asking if there should be up to 12 seconds of silence in between the answer and the next question. No matter what, they have to ask all questions within 60 seconds, so if the answers are called out quickly, there is a lot of dead air in between the next question. Perhaps they need more questions?

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