Nine reschedules Hostages premiere

Is Nine holding the audience as Hostages? Despite the promos, its premiere is now delayed by a week.

2013-06-28_1138Nine has moved Hostages from its previously-publicised premiere date of Wednesday October 2nd.

It will now play a double episode a week later on Wednesday October 9th.

In its place is a Harry Potter movie.

The first episode has already aired in the US where it pulled 7.5m viewers.

With the October 9th premiere this means 3 episodes will have aired in the US before Australia, well behind TEN’s fastracking of Homeland and Seven’s plans for The Blacklist and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

No word on CSI as yet.

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  1. this was considered an abject flop for CBS in the US on Monday night, it was third in its slot in the demos, beaten by both the blackist and Castle. Unless a miracle happens in the next few weeks, it will be lucky to see out its run

  2. It hasn’t even started and they’re already mucking around with it’s slot sorry nein you’ve lost me, I just can’t trust you to show all the eps in a consistent slot so I’ll watch it else where

  3. @Ronnie depending on what state you are in it wouldn’t be a school night as it is school holidays (which according to my calendar is most of the country)

    Three episodes behind doesn’t seem like much to me, & as it has already been said they could always use double episodes to catch up. If that is poor rating for the US then they probably are seeing if it gets cancelled & if it does pulling it before starting it

    Which Harry Potter movie is it?

  4. I’m not too fussed about fast-tracking so whether they told me CSI would premiere on the 2nd or the 9th I wouldn’t have minded, but telling me it will premiere on the 2nd and then bumping is what annoys me. Another reason why paying an arm and a leg for Foxtel is actually worth it – they stick to premiere dates and shows rarely (if ever) move from their timeslot till the season is finished.

  5. Hostages is a very slow paced pilot and it debuted terribly in the US, only scoring a 1.8 in the demo. NBC’s The Blacklist is a much better series and debuted with a 3.0

    Wouldnt be shocked if Hostages was axed after 2 episodes

  6. All the noise is about fast-tracking and express and Nine replay a Harry Potter movie on a Wednesday. Seriously? Does anyone watch kids movies on TV with ads anymore? In prime time on a school night?

  7. It would have been smashed by the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. double episode premiere. Nine can always catch up with double episodes quickly if they want to.

    The US make shows for specific slots for the 8 to 11pm networks slots. They sell the line-ups to advertisers and affiliates months in advance. Then just replace what fails. It is very much just a numbers game and broadcast regulations, advertisers and affiliates force the networks to all play by the rules.

    Hostages rated 1.8/5 for the 18-49s (from a 2.5/6 lead in from Mom). It got a tough time slot and was beaten up by The Black List and Castle. It will struggle to get renewed from here.

  8. Is there really any point in Aussie channels even publishing a schedule?

    It baffles me how US channels pretty much know (and release) the exact slot a show will be premiering in a few months down the line while the Aussie networks can’t even lock in a schedule less than a week away. Maybe one day some bright spark will actually figure out their constant need to chase ratings is actually the thing that costs them viewers.

  9. hey nine remember when you started to chuck in repeats every couple of weeks for the mentalist when you didnt need the ratings?

    Dont stuff around your audience, pretty soon theyre not going to bother

  10. And it starts!, so now they will be 3 eps behind, so much for fast tracking. 7.5 mil in the US is quite modest, I hope the numbers hold up or they could quickly slip below 5 mill in a few weeks.

    Damn you Harry Potter.

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