Returning: New Tricks

Caption, e.g. Picture Shows...Season 10 of the ever-popular New Tricks begins on ABC1 next week, with the first of a two-part mystery at the Rock of Gibraltar.

This will be the last series to star both Amanda Redman and Alun Armstrong.

It aired in the UK in July.

“The Rock: Part One”
Lane (Alun Armstrong) is suspended after assaulting an officer he suspects of covering up a death in custody, which lead to his early retirement. The assault triggers a disciplinary hearing which was Lane’s intention all along. Meanwhile, a mysterious Argentinean pistol is recovered from the Thames. Not only does it appear to have been fired in the Falklands conflict but it was also used in the unsolved 1998 murder of a playboy shipping heir. When the pistol is linked to a second unsolved murder – a young boy, Danny Bossano – on The Rock of Gibraltar in 1982, the team must face their most challenging case yet. Without Lane they embark on a Mediterranean adventure that pushes them to their limits.

Detective Sandra Pullman’s (Amanda Redman) direct approach leads to tension with the local police, especially Superintendent Cruz (Dhafer L’Abidine) and the surprise appearance of an old friend who has found vital clues, leaves Standing (Dennis Waterman) in a very dangerous position.

7:30pm Saturday, 21 September ABC1.

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