Rove to guest on This Week Live and Before the Game

rove-mcmRove McManus will appear on This Week Live and Before the Game this week.

He will join Tommy Little, Meshel Laurie, Tom Gleeson and Dave Thornton on This Week Live, which also features , Myf Warhurst and Tom Ballard. He also joins Dave Hughes, Mick Molloy, Lehmo, Andrew Maher and Neroli Meadows on Before the Game.

Rove said: “I always said I would get myself to the ground if Fremantle ever contested for a flag so it looks like I’m flying from LA to the G this week.

“Catching up with the This Week Live team with jet lag will be an interesting experience – I have no idea what will come out of my mouth but I hope it will at least come out in complete sentences.

“Doing Before The Game on Grand Final eve will be a nice addition too – mainly because I can take my pre-game anxiety out on Lehmo.”

Before The Game will also welcome Rove to the panel for the live 90-minute Grand Final show on Friday at 8.30pm.

The former number one Fremantle Dockers ticket holder will join Dave Hughes, Mick Molloy, Lehmo, Andrew Maher and Neroli Meadows live in studio, as they analyse the players and match-ups for one of Australia’s biggest sporting events of the year.

Rove has a very long and proud history with the Fremantle Dockers. His cousin, Shaun McManus, is a former co-captain and his family have been involved at all levels of the club throughout its 19 seasons in the AFL.

This Week Live Wednesday at 9.30pm and Before The Game Friday at 8.30pm on TEN.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    The Freemantle Dockers entered the AFL comp in 1995. That means that this is there 18th season not 19th. The clubs existance may have started in 1994 but the actual competing in the AFL was in 1995. The dockers have been the perenial underachievers of the comp, this is there time however not sure whether they will join Adelaide, West Coast, Brisbane and Port Adelaide in being part of a exclusive club of teams to win the Premiership Cup in their first outing.

  2. ‘This Week Live’ isn’t produced by Roving Enterprises. However the Executive Producer is Craig Campbell (who EP’s The Project and was the EP for Rove Live). Kevin Whyte is also an EP.

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