TEN confirms Spree TV launch

As tipped, TEN today confirmed it is launching a new datacasting channel on September 17th.

2013-09-11_1031As tipped, TEN today confirmed it is launching a new datacasting channel, Spree TV on Tuesday September 17th on Channel 15.

The channel will be fully produced by brand marketing and development company Brand Developers showcasing products and offers across home improvement, lifestyle, cooking, fitness and health products.

It joins other branding channels already datacasting as Extra, Extra2, TV4ME and WIN Gold.

TEN CEO Hamish McLennan, said: “We are delighted to have struck a partnership with Brand Developers, which includes the addition of the new Spree TV channel to our broadcast offering, as well as the brand and product extension opportunites we can take advantage of in the future.”

Brand Developers CEO, Paul Meier, said: “We are excited to partner with Network TEN, and to together launch Spree TV.”

The new channel will not be included in the OzTAM ratings service.

TEN has previously partnered with TVSN shopping channel.

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  1. That is 6 channels of inane rubbish TV shopping TV4ME, EXTRA, EXTRA 1, SPREE and TVSN also include GEM in the mornings for 4 hours or more.

    Brand Developers? What a joke spruiking the same boring products for the terminally brain dead on all 6 channels.

    Never watch this rubbish never going to, deleted from my tv menu.

  2. Ten is catering for the brain-dead viewers. And while we are at it, I hate with a vegeance those bloody pop-up advertisements for other programmes along with those irritating channel identification logos along with those encore programs – lazy, nasty cheap scheduling no wonder you are losing money! TEN why don’t you take up the whole screen with yours? Please I hate it that I can actually still see the programs, I’d much prefer to see your logo increased by another 1000% in size. Duh

  3. I noticed the channel pop up on my TV’s EPG last night.

    My one & only question, how in the hell does this crap get on air, when One HD (24/7 FTA sports channel, if anyone forgot) was scrapped because it wasn’t profitable?

    Riddle me this…..

  4. Oh man, I am so glad we were forced to get digital. Constant glitching, retuning services..

    For many of us, life moves very fast, so it can be hard to keep up with the times. What we need is about 12 new god damned infomation channels, because it keeps you on your toes.

    Now, I want my damn receiver to stop auto adding this crap.

    I have no time for this. Too many kids shows, humphrey, and movies from 1920 to watch. Oh and home and away, neighbours catchups.. the project encore, big brother encore, and why not throw in some dancing.

    Thanks channel 10, quality assurance guaranteed. Can we have another sport channel next?

  5. Ahh fantastic, more tv for the brain dead, thank god I can delete channels from my channel list, my sympathies to those who can’t.
    I am a bit jealous that the brain dead seem to be looked after better than those of us that have at least half a brain.

  6. Channels on Foxtel which run informercials are ‘free’ i.e. they do not actually receive subscriber dollars (in other words, complementary services). They are independent businesses which fund their own satellite carriage and therefore completely reliant on advertising revenue.

  7. I remember when then the media companies were demanding datacasting be included in the standard. It would allow great new and exciting free services for consumers. The ABC would do wonderful things and Fairfax was demanding access to compete with the commercials and provide some serious news and entertainment services.

    We got timeshifted tellie shopping channels.

    I flicked over to Ten last night while recording on Nine, it triggered an update and stopped the recording when it was rescanning Nine. Missed a couple of minutes of the show until the update was done and I could restart the recording.

    Had a plan in place to avoid this next week.

  8. This popped up on my BeyonWiz today.. Sad thing is I also cant delete these channels or skip them, if I delete it just comes back

    Agree with the previous comments regarding banning infomercials on the main channels, I do not understand why they are allowed to be broadcast at all times of day, 72 puts them on during the day for goodness sake.

    This is why I like 11, I dont always like the shows it broadcasts, but atleast it doesnt play infomercials and does a relatively good job at playing first run content etc…

  9. Is the public really getting a fair deal when it comes to Free to air TV content? No.

    It appears that the Federal Government are more concerned with themselves (such as the local government referendum and proposed changes to senate voting) rather than addressing the decay in free to air content.

    Why should channel 7, 9 and 10 be able to broadcast multiple datacasting channels as well as showing infomericals on their regular channels?

    I urge all disgruntled members of the public to write to their local Federal member of parliament demanding that changes be made to ban informericals on regular channels if the same broadcaster operates a dedicated datacasting channel/s.

  10. Perhaps the new Minister for Communications may look at this abuse of “datacasting”? Oh, no, wait, they have some favours to return, don’t they.
    @PJs Ronin – Not all TV’s have that function. One of mine doesn’t.

  11. this is ridiculous how many of these channels are there now? theres one that snuck in a while ago on channel 56 called aspire at least they could maybe use it as a movie channel a la fox movies or something or a classics channel

  12. Folks, just delete the program from your TV’s list of chans so that when you use the ^ or v buttons you automatically skip these ‘nothing’ channels. Or am I telling you how to suck eggs?

  13. “The new channel will not be included in the OzTAM ratings service.” Why (LOL)? ’cause OzTam doesn’t count anything under 1,000.
    “a new datacasting channel”. “Data” I don’t want using bandwith TEN needs.

  14. Given it is a ‘revenue stream’ opportunity, is this to scale back the Insurance / Income Protection and other such nauseating ads, or compliment them?

    We have chat/infotainment shows for those.

    Surely we can use the space a bit better. Even a WeatherCam would be better use or – dare I suggest – a 24/7 Promo Channel for the main channels.

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