TEN tipped to launch new datacasting channel

TEN appears set to launch a datacasting channel, Spree TV.

TEN logoTEN appears set to launch a datacasting channel, Spree TV, joining Nine’s Extra / Extra 2 and Seven’s TV4ME.

Datacasting channels have so far featured advertiser-related content including home shopping, brand funded, religious, community, educational and multi-cultural programming.

While they don’t contribute to network ratings, they do offer new revenue opportunities.

TEN previously partnered with TVSN shopping channel a year ago.

Spree TV is tipped to launch on September 17.

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  1. I seriously doubt there would be 20,000 responses to a competition on TV4Me when they only have 800 or so ‘likes’ on Facebook. It just doesn’t ring true. Fact is no one watches these channels and the networks can monetise without investment or having to justify audience numbers.

  2. I can’t wait for the day when Freeview (Free TV) is open for other people to launch new channels. In the UK Freeview is open to pay tv and 3rd parties so there are more niche channels such as Viva (MTV) Pick (Sky) Quest (Discovery) Yesterday is history D is drama and a couple of movie channels. Not to mention Sky news and Aljazeera news and the Food network. Please no more datacasting.

  3. Curse you Richard Alston!

    After it triggers an update I will delete it. Thanks for heads up, last time I switched on my DVR to watch something and had to wait 5 minutes till the scanning finished.

  4. There are some quality shows on TV4ME.
    Its not all advertisements.

    Andrew and Leppie, I recently ran a competition on TV4ME that received 20,000 entries, so yes…people do watch these channels.

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