TENplay, anywhere, anytime.

TEN has now formally announced its new and improved website and app which launched over the weekend.

2013-09-30_1017TEN has now formally announced its new and improved website and app – TENplay – which launched over the weekend.

The catch-up service is part of the network’s “anywhere, anytime, any device” strategy.

TENplay is available on web, mobile, tablets and via game consoles and smart TVs, including Apple iOS and Sony Bravia,

An Android version will be available later this year. tenplay will also be deployed on hybrid broadcast broadband TV (HbbTV) at a later date.

TEN Chief Digital Officer, Rebekah Horne, said: “tenplay is the next stage in Network TEN’s digital evolution.

“It represents a true transition from linear broadcasting to a consumer content experience that is multi-screen and multi-platform, giving people access to Network TEN’s content anytime, anywhere and on any device.

“tenplay extends the traditional television watching experience by offering personalised, cross-platform content delivery, designed with the user experience as the top priority,” she said.

“tenplay offers engaging, rich content experiences for consumers and advertisers alike. It is the perfect catch-up platform, giving people a way to always be just in time to access our content on whatever device they want to use, wherever and whenever they choose.”

The first episode of the third season of Homeland will be available for streaming this afternoon at 2:15pm AEST, just 15 minutes after it goes to air in the United States. The episode will debut on TEN at 8.30pm tonight.

Key features of tenplay include:
• A new, best-in-class catch-up video platform.
• Live streaming of Network Ten content.
• A unique continuous play feature that enables viewing to “travel” seamlessly from device to device
• Fully responsive design that adjusts content automatically to the size and interface of the device being used.
• Customised playlists.
• Social and behavioural recommendations.
• Innovative social media integration.
• Fully-featured Electronic Program Guide with reverse functionality.

The launch of tenplay will be followed by the introduction of dedicated apps for TEN Eyewitness News and the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.

Ms Horne said: “Today’s launch of tenplay is just the start of our product roll out. Over the next few months, we will add more content, features and functionality, plus deep integration with zeebox, the fastest growing second-screen app in Australia.”


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  1. Why have they not released the tenplay apps as open source? What about Plex and XBMC?

    It astounds me that programmers just don’t get it, a website that is used for television viewing needs more than mouse control (who uses a mouse in front of the TV). Let me spell it out for you, your website needs to use universal keyboard keys up,down,left,right to highlight different boxes, return for select and esc for exit, another button like for menu may open up the tv guide. When playing the buttons are used for up vol,down vol,left scrub back,right scrub forward. It is then very easy to kiosk your product to work on almost any platform.

  2. Completely underwhelmed by the same old, same old. No change as far as content is concerned. Mostly in-house and cooking shows produced by sponsors littered with product placement and endorsements.The pr description is a farce. As far as catchup TV is concerned, it is not in the race.

  3. David i revisited the tenplay website and i couldnt not access any video old shows or new ones. Is that because i have to sign up, if so then its not completely free the service and how much will it cost me if its not free at all?

  4. They really need to get their Eyewitness news streaming up and running. This is what people watch on the run eg on trains coming home from work. It’s been ‘coming soon” for 6 months now. Tenplay app is far superior to 7 and 9’s offerings.

  5. I don’t understand why you cant stream the actual channel live. Like so I could watch Channel 10 or 11 or One on the go….anytime, anywhere

    FoxtelGo has this facility and the UK and US Channels have been doing it for years.
    The only FTA Channel I know of that you can stream live is ABCNews24

  6. I uninstalled the app, won’t be using it again! TEN still insist on uploading content which they have edited for broadcast rather than uploading uncut content. Idiots couldn’t run a bath!

  7. I managed to find it while on my laptop. Wasn’t the easiest thing to find. I did like that you could use old login from the ten website.

    But have to say I don’t think ive ever seen anything that has wanted so many Facebook permissions in order to connect. It wants chat statuses and a lot of information from your friends including their chat statuses. Overkill as far as im concerned.

  8. i checked out some of the shows which will be available on TENPlay, i am underwhelmed at this hopefully with time it will offer more classic shows from the CBS back catelogue not just the new stuff. Not to bad putting Australian content of recent years on but still what about all the classic stuff like Number 96 or The Comedy Company etc. The really good shows need to be on there to make this work properly, still not a bad start just has still alot of improvement to go.

  9. Now it is letting me play, but I have missed the first half and it won’t let me go back (guess thats what a live stream is).
    Probably would have helped if they had explained any of this… Points for trying!

  10. I was just looking at a program guide for the US. Homeland was on at 9pm. eastern time there. I’m in Adelaide so that means 10.30 am here. The show would have been screened already.

    Sorry for trying to denegrate 10 but of couse I may be wrong!

  11. I just had a look at The Project on tenplay on my sony bravia. Very poor audio and visuals. The sound and picture is like when someone has filmed their TV set using a handycam. Very strange. If they really want to succeed they need to put all of their US dramas on there, not just Bold & Beautiful Although B&B is one of their highest rating US dramas. Also Recipe to Riches

  12. TENPlay will only succeed if the content is really rich and eclectic. Maybe they can even broadcast the NBL on TENPlay LIVE although with NBL TV maybe not. A lot will depend on what content they have which will determine their success, if the CBS back catelogue is anything to go by they should be fairly successful with this much needed venture, its alot better then stupid Zeebox.

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