TEN’s primary channel slips lower

2013-09-15_1951Sorry to report it was another shocker ratings week for Network TEN.

It’s primary channel sank to just 10.6%, beaten by ABC1 every night except Tuesday. On Saturday night it was even beaten by 7mate.

TEN’s top show for the week, Under the Dome, landed at #35 with 785,000 viewers. ABC1 had 8 shows higher.

Updated: 10.7%  is TEN’s lowest share in Consolidated numbers in 2013 survey, but it will be 7 days before last week’s 10.6% share is finalised. TEN maintains it has grown its 25-54 demos.

The week was again won by Seven in Total People.

Seven:  31.3
Nine: 28.3
ABC: 19.0
TEN: 16.3
SBS: 5.0

Primary channel:
Seven: 22.9
Nine: 20.5
ABC1: 14.0
TEN: 10.6
SBS ONE: 4.1

7mate: 4.6
GO!: 4.4
7TWO: 3.9
GEM: 3.4
ABC2: 2.9
ONE: 2.6
ABC News 24: 1.3
ABC2: 0.8
SBS 2: 0.8
NITV: 0.1

Nine won 16-39 and 18-49, but Seven tied for 25-54.

Seven was first in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Nine won Sydney and Brisbane.

Seven won every night except Thursday, which fell to Nine. ABC bettered TEN on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Seven News (Sunday) was the week’s top show on 1.58m viewers.


  1. TENS “a league of their own” Monday 7:30pm will also be a ratings dive. Similar to it’s a knockout this new spin off will end up on ELEVEN or axed. I hope TEN has a backup plan for next Monday 7:30pm because they will need to replace with another program.

  2. Why do so many people here equate their personal taste & a program’s overall success? There’s plenty of garbage that rates through the roof on Seven & Nine. Who knows, The Bachelor could’ve done really well on those two networks? Every TV program is a gamble taken by networks – some win, most don’t. Taste has nothing to do with it.

  3. Didn’t take long – just saw a promo advising The Bachelor moving to 7.30pm Wednesdays.

    It’ll eventually be on Eleven and Ten will shove even more Modern Family repeats.

    Didn’t watch it – but I am betting tonights ‘It’s a knockout’ will be a huge fizzer as well.

    I’ll say it again – I think Lachlan is deliberately trying to destroy Ten so viewers will be forced to pay for his dad’s Foxtel.

  4. Ten’s problems are caused by digital technology and the long tail phenomenon they create.

    They have tried targeting 16-34s on Ten and Eleven (twice), broadening Ten’s audience while holding 16-34s on Eleven (twice), News and Current Affairs, Breakfast, buying sports (outbid by 7 & 9 except for BBL), local dramas (mixed success), buying The Voice (out bid by Nine) and making their own contest shows (all failures).

    They been out maneuvered by Seven, Nine and even the ABC at times.

    Now they are trying faster fast-tracking and consistency with what they have. Under The Dome worked but starting Homeland on time at 8:30pm while The X Factor isn’t finishing till 9:30pm isn’t going to work.

    It’s now too late for Ten to offer a proven lineup for the 2014 season. They will again have to try and rebuild next year and hope to be profitable in 2015.

  5. @Maev & ph – I don’t watch Nine. Not just because they rarely have any shows of interest to me, but I refuse to watch the network after they buried the 2011 Rugby World Cup and butchered last year’s Olympics.

  6. @ ph September 16, 2013 at 11:01 am –
    I totally agree with everything you posted…I have never met anyone who has said they watch a particular network…I and my friends/rellies watch shows…we like and enjoy…I would think most people do the same.

  7. Simple fact – a hell of a lot of programs can be bought on 7, 9, , 7 Mate, 7 TWO, GEM and GO before you need to buy one on Ten !

    500,000 viewers is just not good enough for most buyers.

  8. The numbers havent been great. But at least there have been no major ratings disasters this year like I Will Survive and Everybody Dance Now in 2012. Most early evening shows are managing at least 500-600k.

  9. Must remember to not use symbols. I meant to say:
    “TEN maintains it has grown its 25-54 demos.” Which must mean no one under 25 or over 54 is watching, to make the figures work out.

  10. I have to say that the idea that people love or hate a network a bit confusing. I watch quite a lot of shows on the ABC but everything else commercial is recorded and watched later. I tune in when a show is well made and treated with respect and not moved around. Loyalty when lost is a hard thing to get back.

  11. I had the misfortune to see a few minutes of the Bachelor the other day, my eyes haven’t forgiven me yet.

    Is it me, or does the bloke not look like much of a catch either? I witnessed a group of fairly attractive women, who could all do much better if they weren’t so spectacularly insecure and/or spiteful, going googly-eyed over a bloke who looks like he could be Eric Bana’s less-blessed brother.
    I can only assume that there must be some sizeable prize money on offer.

  12. With the benefit of hindsight 2012 will be seen as the year Ten drove their key demos away, trashed their brand, and allowed Nine to pick up BB. The 16-30s are simply watching fewer shows in fewer numbers which means Ten is struggling to grow the audience while total numbers are trending down year on year anyway. The catastrophe at Ten has also drawn attention away from Nine’s content problems. FTA faces challenging times with fragmenting audiences and OTT services. Our kids have not grown up watching TV the way we did and there is no residual loyalty.

  13. Nearly every operating business has people to put a spin on outcomes. There are also people who are paid by Networks, (who regularly post on TVtonight) who are paid to trash other Networks and their shows. They also infiltrate twitter and other social media…..

  14. I thought they were going to aim for the older viewer – 25-54 is a pretty broad range. I’m in the older range and find most of TEN’s shows crap, e.g. The Bachelor (which I wouldn’t waste 2 minutes on), Under the Dome (which I wasted a whole hour of watching the first episode). When A Good Wife and Homeland return, I’ll be lining up, plus Offspring and Puberty Blues, if it returns. The Project is the only program I watch regularly on TEN. The rest is just the same old, same old.

  15. “TEN maintains it has grown its 25-54 demos.”
    You know they actually pay people to try and spin reality into something positive.
    Meanwhile another round of capital raising and retrenchments can’t be far away.

  16. “TEN maintains it has grown its 25-54 demos.” Which must mean no one 54 is watching, to make the figures work out.
    @jezza the first original one – Maybe he changed his name just for this show, then he’ll be ‘Andrew G’ again? Smart move if he did.

  17. Not surprised. Ten used to be an amazing station, i hardly ever watched Channel 9 back in the day now 9 and 7 are doing well. Ten is struggling with shows at the moment. You know.. Ten should consider bringing back “Idol” and showing original repeats of Its A Knockout..

  18. jezza the first original one

    I am not surprised that ch10 is still struggling with garbage tv like The Bachelor. I had the misfortune to see around the final 15-20 minutes last night, it was mindless brain rotting drivel. I think Osher/Andy G made a bit of a career error with the name change, but that pales into insignificance compared to the career disaster his association with this show…..and the girls are just lined up like a cattle market to gratefully receive their roses from a bloke with a fairly well documented history. Lousy role models all round. Advice to ch10, can this show and do it quickly

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