1. I only got around to watching Sleepy Hollow last night, but did anyone else notice the obscure meta-reference early on?
    When Crane was watching TV, it showed a scene from ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ – a recent re-boot to the Planet of the Apes series, last attempted by Tim Burton.
    Sleepy Hollow itself is a re-boot to the Headless Horseman tale, last attempted by… Tim Burton.

    I suspect there may be more of these to come.

  2. also adding to my last comment channel 10 were idiots by not getting the show hostages that would be a great treat leading in or airing after homeland that would mean they would have 2 Israeli shows or even something like the blacklist enough great fit but they let it go & let channel 7 & 9 pick them up

  3. Again with Sleepy Hollow I’m enjoying the show. Plus I like the characters. If I get more deeper into the show time will tell. But so far no problems.

    I wouldn’t mind if someone acquires The Vampire Diaries. But I don’t need it fast tracked. If it was someone other than Nine (hypothetically because Nine could do something similar) . Like SBS2 or Eleven then show it from the start again. Since Season 5 will start in October that’s going to be over 100 episodes. So if someone plays it one episode a week that’s over two years of episodes. Without a break. So you could get the replay rights.

    I’d watch if it was on a day and time I could watch and was treated not too horribly. But even if it didn’t work out for me surely there’d be people that would also watch. Just be consistent. That was the terrible lesson I learnt.

  4. Get vampire diaries back off foxtel & fast track it, i’d watch it for sure, I’m still deciding if I even like under the dome enough to keep it, but there are plenty of other shows that are must watch without a doubt for me.

  5. even if rtr is a decent program, the problem stems that ten is known as the network with rubbish reality programs… It has been for years ….. just the fact that it has had a truck load of programs that has canned in the past 2 years, ten has a stigma, and it won’t go away until there is either a cultural change at the network, a change of programming focus, or both.

    You cannot have 3 major commercial networks constantly aiming for the gen y market ….. the result is nothing but bad quality reality programs across the board …. and this is what is happening right now …….

    Im surprised the govt hasn’t weighed in to discuss with the major networks on it’s oversupply or rubbish reality programs ….

    As I have mentioned before, ten’s aim for the 16-39 market has been nothing short of a failure …. and they probably know it themselves …. this year it seems rtr, reef…

  6. Wanted to see Sleepy hollow last night as I really enjoyed the first episode, but either big brother ran over time or sleepy hollow started early and so missed the start, so didn’t bother watching the rest.

    Will have to hunt around for another way to see it now. Hopefully it picks up for 10 though!

  7. i think the biggest shame about all of this is the low numbers for Project last night- it was a cracking episode with uncontrolled laughter throughout. Such a shame this doesn’t get the numbers it deserves

  8. I really enjoyed the first ep of Sleepy Hollow but found the second a real let down.
    The story was too similar to ones that have been done over and over again on Supernatural.
    And as for the witch, or whatever it was, I’ve seen scarier things in a Miley Cyrus video.

  9. If I was at Ten I would be bringing Neighbours over to 6pm instead of Simpsons repeats. Surely this would be a better lead in for The Project.
    I have been into Woolworths every week on a Wednesday & it seems that even they aren’t promoting Recipe to Riches. There are no posters in the stores I visit only smaller ones on the fridge door. Have Woolworths lost faith also?

  10. well channel 9 & 7 are going to dominate in a couple of weeks with hostages,the black list & agents of shield there is nothing wrong with the show i just think its on the wrong day it could either work on a monday or on a Wednesday the rating would be better on those days just like how ncis & ncis la like like a couple of years ago or so they were hitting the 900,000 to a mil each ep

  11. I think all music type shows should be on Thursday nights leaving the dramas to air Mon – Wed. This would help tremendously.
    Sleep Hollow is good, I don’t mind it because its different and its not reality. Sick to death of cooking, reality shows..and men who need their mummies to help them find a wife. Hope this fad dies with it all by next year.

  12. Ten is starting to become crappy like Prime and Win. (Which I don’t watch) Soon there will be nothing on TV!
    Offspring, Modern Family and The Project is the only good left. Shows like Recipes to Riches and Wonderland are just plan crap and fill in shows cos there’s nothing else they have. I hope they can get some good shows!

  13. Recipe To Riches deserves a lot better. Not only is it a clever premise, but from a visual point of view the cinematography is so edgy and exciting to watch.

    Unfortunately the lack of a quality lead-in from 6-7:30pm is the real problem for Ten – meaning almost all of their prime time content is destined to fail.

    Time for a 6pm news bulletin.

  14. Sleep Hollow is not very good and wasn’t going to rate highly, though Ten made sure of that with the programming.

    Just because a show launches successfully in US during Fall doesn’t mean it will appeal to and Australian audience at the start of summer when there are established show on.

    Under The Dome was the hit of the US Summer and fell into a nice slot on Tuesdays for Ten in Winter. That doesn’t happen for many shows.

  15. simpsons reruns at 6 (without any promotion) aren’t doing much lower than high profile primetime shows. time to return new eps to ten primetime?

    Sleepy Hollow held up quite well in the US between ep 1 & 2, despite having much greater competition this week. so the show isn’t the problem.
    side note: The Blacklist has also had a huge 3.8 for its premiere in the US, so 7 picked a good show to invest heavy promotion in.

  16. If Ten intended for Sleepy Hollow to be an 8.30 show, they would have been better off launching at 8.30 this week. With US preempt ions they would have caught up soon enough.

  17. jezza the first original one

    Ch10s strategy of fast tracked US tv shows is very high rsik in an era when live sport and extended rality/talent shows dominate. For the fast track option to work, there needs to be strong demand and anticipation for compelling tv. The 3 main shows they are spruiking (elementary, homeland & modern family) are good, but I am not convinced there is pent up demand for them as we head into summer.

    As for Sleepy Hollow, that 2nd ep was dull and felt that the writers were already struggling to take the show forward…..

  18. I’m absolutely hooked on Sleepy Hollow and can’t believe it isn’t getting the numbers that Under the Dome was getting in the same timeslot. It has fallen from it’s 9:30pm premiere last week, and if anything it should have similar numbers being in an earlier timeslot. This is a big hit to TEN but hopefully things turn around.

  19. The two horse race between Seven and Nine is getting old.
    Will be nice to see Ten start to improve. Viewers just aren’t tuning in, and some of their product really isn’t bad at all…. no worse than the tripe Seven and Nine are showing at the moment anyway.

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