UK to screen “live sex” in Sex Box

2013-09-25_2354British couples will have sex in front of a studio audience, shielded only by an opaque, sound-proof room, in a show designed to discuss sexuality in light of the explosion of online porn.

The Channel 4 programme called Sex Box will feature volunteer couples who will emerge to discuss their experiences immediately afterwards with a panel of sex experts.

The volunteers include a gay couple in their 30s who hope to shatter myths about gay sex, and a heterosexual couple in their early 20s who think people do not talk openly enough about sex. reports the couples will talk to agony aunt Mariella Frostrup, psychotherapist Phillip Hodson, sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox and US sex columnist Dan Savage (pictured).

The first couple to use the ‘sex box’ for the pre-recorded, hour-long show, which will air on October 7, is 20-somethings Rachel and Dean.  They will be followed by Matt and John, who are in a long-term relationship, and childhood sweethearts Lynette and Des.

Ralph Lee, the broadcaster’s head of factual, said: “The explosion of online pornography is one of the stories of our time and the Campaign for Real Sex season is our response to it.

Sex Box absolutely intends to be an open and adult conversation about sex, something we feel is currently being overlooked by mainstream programming.”

David Glover, senior factual commissioning editor, said he hopes the show will open up honest discussions about sex and the role it plays in loving relationships.

He said: “It is a rather mischievous, fun idea that actually allows sex to be completely private but the conversation to be truthful and immediate.”

But one columnist at The Guardian has said:

Showing more sex isn’t necessarily the answer, even if it is inside a box. Internet service providers need to do more to stop children seeing inappropriate content and we need to look at how we use sex in advertising, and invest in proper sex education. And that doesn’t mean Michael Gove telling teenagers that instead of sexting, they should send each other poems (using a commercially available app created by his wife’s friend). If we’ve got Channel 4 and Michael Gove telling us how to have sex, then we’re better off not having it.


  1. “shielded only by an opaque, sound-proof room,”

    Only! What else could you add? Wrapping the box in tin foil to keep the NSA out?

    If a tree falls in an opaque, sound-proof room…

    And it will be “honest”. So the guy will exit the box after two minutes and watch a football game while they wait for his partner?

    This is just a gimmick to try and televisualise people talking about sex and win back viewers lost to internet porn, but even less interesting than BB Uplate.

  2. Armchair Analyst

    David will SBS or ABC pick this up i cant really see any of the commercial networks picking it up although Nine did pick up How To Have Sex After Marriage so they may pick it up.

  3. Armchair Analyst

    Hopefully SBS pick this up because it would be perfect or ABC for ABC2. I think the reason why there has been a exposion in online internet porn is two reasons. 1 is that its a quicker and easier way for porn producers to get their content out to the public. 2nd is that parents just dont talk to their kids about sex at all. They seem to be embarresed and kids think that once a adult turns a certain age they stop having sex, which contributes to kids not wanting to talk to their parents about sex. Also sex education is too much about the actual but important “equipment” ie Penis or Vagina then the actual mechanics and the act of doin it. Not to mention the psych side of it. When parents avoid talking to their kids about sex in a meaningful and proper way they will look for info somewhere else and that info may not be legit. Still looking forward to this show.

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