1. Worst part for Ten is it didn’t really matter how well the finale would rate – the show isn’t coming back in the US for another 9 months. Inevitably people are going to blame Ten without realizing it’s a summer show in the US and hence won’t appear again until next July.

  2. Sleepy Hollow rated well in US — 10m (3.4/9 with 18-49s). It was the first Fall premiere and it attracted viewers waiting for the final of Under The Dome on CBS. The reverse didn’t work well for Ten here though.

    The mythology is a mishmash of time travel, witches fighting the battle of Revelation across time and space, vampire law and a butchering of Irving’s classic short story so they could use the name that doesn’t make much sense.

    It’s better written and acted than Under The Dome, which was made for summer, and seemed to spend most its budget on CGI.

  3. Shame W&L has dropped in recent weeks. It seems the strong X Factor lead in helped and now with factuals ppl have dropped off.
    I don’t get how people can tune in, for a couple of weeks missing the start of the new season and then switch of again…
    This observation goes for most shows. I will start watching something and then tune off if i don’t like it, as is the natural trend when story lines weaken (maybe W&L, Wonderland) or viewers are turned off my mid season interruptions (Rafters) or in Arrows case sport events or constant repeats either during a first run season (I know NCIS suffered from this or repeats flooding the schedule (TBBT, Mentalist and CSI ).

  4. take a note ten – the reason you got viewers back was that utd and sleepy hollow appealed to a wider audience …. not like your bad reality shows… which is likely to appeal to maybe a hand full of people …..

  5. I hate that CBS picked up UTD for a 2nd season, leaving us with that final OM*G!

    I mean it was nice to have a good ‘summer’ show over the US off season and not have 13 weeks of NCIS re-runs in the time slot but really. I was all set for this to be a one off mini series with a nice ending.

    Wish Sleepy Hollow had done better, given how much TEN had promoted it over the last few weeks, I liked it.

  6. I expected that figure for Sleepy Hollow, just because of the time slot.I hope next week it picks up for TENs sake, as it was actually quite good.
    Dome was a good episode, but now we have to wait until July for season 2 unless CBS plan to bring it forward, but I don’t see that happening unless they have programming troubles before next summer.

  7. jezza the first original one

    UTD did well to pull back from the RTR ratings failure. I bet a certain foodstore is not impressed with the RTR figures. Just goes to show that programming needs to be based around viewers….

  8. It looks like over the last 3 weeks UtD has recovered most of the 200k viewers who didn’t watch when it was bumped to 9:30pm for RtR.

    Sleepy Hollow lost 30% of UtD’s audience, not great for a heavily promoted premiere. It will be repeated but it looks like another sub 500k drama for Ten.

    Ten probably would have done better, or not any worse, by just starting RtR and SH in the slots they intended to run them in. SH is just up against W&L and Big School/Come Fly With Me (rpt) which look like filler.

  9. So happy to see Big Brother doing very well this week – so odd for this to happen mid-season! Usually its an all-time low by this time…

    Producers & Alex Mav are doing something right 🙂

    Episodes have been very entertaining this week!

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